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Is It MS Related?

Hi All,
I have a question, so today I have had a proper pain in my face! Now I like my face, it served me well and I wondered if anyone had experience d such pain?
Is it MS nerve related or do I need to book a trip to my fave place Dentist lol
Anyway just thought I’d ask?
As Templeton Peck said ‘Not The Face’ lol
Grrrrrrr MS u swine!

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1 year ago

I wouldn’t say I have pain. It is more of a numbness around my scalp and cheeks. basically my upper lip and up. Ugh.

You know you have MS when the question “does your face hurt” is not joking matter.

1 year ago

Hi Finn15, sudden pain can be an MS sign, but you need to rule out all other possibilities first. Do you visit regularly, (horrible isn’t it) has someone punched you (in the pub of course) mine twitches, sometimes not visible to other people but still very annoying. Check it all out first, and then if it still there after a couple of days call the good old MS nurse!😍 Jill XX

1 year ago

@finn15 , it could be nerve-related, but it could be a dental problems too.

I’m sure you would know whether it’s toothache………..

1 year ago

@aabreu definitely, will hopefully subside, numbness in cheek and lip sounds a right dooooo
@grandma not got punched I’m glad to say, dentist ruled out as I value the teeth so visit regularly there. MS nurse yeah, that’s a thought cheers
@stumbler I sure it ain’t toothache which is a shame as dentist is always fun lol
I have stopped taking Gabapentin so am thinking this could be the issue….

1 year ago

@finn15 , the Gabapentin would have masked any neuropathic pain.

I’m just wondering about Trigeminal Neuralgia (……..

1 year ago

@stumbler I’ve taken a look at th MS Trust site, thanks for info, could well be that, I gonna start Gabapentin again, failing that MS Nurse.
Cheers . Hope all ok with you

1 year ago

I had tri. neuralgia and thought it to be toothache. It has been fine with the pregabelin fortunately and also it was part of a relapse. So annoying like a pain in the tonsil at times. My face is still a bit numb on that side. Def needs a neurological pain killer. Good luck

1 year ago

@strictlysoca sounds like that’s it, I’m gonna get back on the Gabapentin, hopefully that’ll sort it. Thanks for your input

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