5 years ago
Is it MS related???

I saw the MS nurse (3 yrs after diagnosis) hmmm ….
Anyway, I digress… I am feeling nauseous and dizzy and as with everything I never know if it is MS related or a simple ear infection or a eye problem! The optician said try the doctor first.
Does everyone have this dilemma? I don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac 🙁

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Hi Min! My last relapse was nausea and dizzyness…horrible feeling. I lived with it for 1 week and then when I told my neuro, he told me to go to the hospital ( when he wasnt sure I had MS) I staied for LP and when they took the needle of my back they started giving me methylprednisolon, the next day all the dizzyness and nausea were gone! I know what do you feel about sounding like a hypochondriac, because I was like that myself, and now I just wish I talked to the doctor 1 week before, it was horrible, and no one should feel like that!
Hope you feel better!

That sounds a little bit like vertigo. It’s kind of like having the mother of all hangovers, but without the great night out beforehand…

A couple of years ago I had vertigo, because I had labyrinthitis, which is an inflammation of the part of the inner ear that controls your balance (thus the dizzy/spinny/nauseous feelings). It can be MS related, or it could be an infection. Always best to try the quack first, just in case it’s the latter, and could be cured by a course of antibiotics or suchlike. xx


I have vertigo…sometimes its HORRIBLE but most of the time I am just quite dizzy (still able to stand but the room is spinning) and very nauseous. Definitely know how you feel!

Always a good idea to check out symptoms with your doctor. Better to know and get it dealt with then not. I often feel like a hypochondriac but I’d rather be safe then sorry later.

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