4 years ago
iPad friendly? Not!

This site does not play well with the iPad or mobile devices! Time for an adaptive theme for buddypress?

I don’t get to use the desktop any more so I use the iPad mostly and it’s quite hard to navigate this site like this 🙁

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@andyb, I believe there are moves afoot to address issues with tablet and smartphone platforms.
I noticed that you re-registered for Shift.MS today via the recently implemented Facebook Connect feature. Do you want this other ID or should it be removed to keep things tidy?

i clicked the facebook button but it auto registered me another account. there should be an option to associate a facebook account with an existing shift account, I know there are some WP plugins that do that.

prolly I just clicked anyway 🙂 you can remove the new account. keep andyb

No problem. John.

It would be nice to have a forum app.. But that might then exclude the rest of the site.. Depends what folks want. Mostly I just visit this sight and logon to speakeasy to catch up..:)

This site works great on my nexus 7 and galaxy s3 🙂

Hi andyb, the team are working away like trojans behind the scenes on improvements to the site, including responsive design so that the site is accessible across different platforms so watch this space!

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