sarah1972 24/01/17
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Inflammation on LP result

Morning! Just wondering if any one can throw some light on my LP results… After waiting weeks and chasing Gps and neuro secretary’s I finally received my dreaded long awaited results..CSF showed normal cell count,protein and glucose levels but as it says on letter one particular test looking for inflammation has come back positive.I have an app with the consultant 20th Feb but it seems such a long way off! Also this morning I’m hoping it was more to do with the stress and worry of it all I felt pins and needles just below my knee caps and legs felt weak…?X

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1 year ago

The normal protein result is good. Not sure what you mean by ‘positive for inflammation’. (Was this in a blood test??) Usually the LP is done to detect certain proteins described as an “oligoclonal band”. If this is not the case it is reassuring, but you clearly need to talk to the MS nurses sooner than the 20th Feb. While it might be good news the LP is only one part of the diagnostic picture made up of what you are experiencing, what the specialists find on examining you, imaging and nerve conduction tests results.

It would be a real shame to go to lots of worry while waiting, the anxiety is not good for inflammation! Perhaps get into mindfulness or meditation as a tool to control this, at the very least it gives you some time for peace during all the worry and at best it significantly reduces anxiety and is really useful to practice if one does have MS. Good to share your concerns and make sure you talk to whoever you can get support from.

All the best!

1 year ago

Thankyou for taking the time to read and reply! I unfortunately don’t have an MS nurse as I’m in the throes of limbo land and other than me chasing my tail trying to speak to someone I’m at a loss.. I’m pressuming the inflammation was found in my CSF,I did start this journey with an inflamed spot/lesion on my brain found on the MRI after the right side of my face went completely numb!The LP I think was the defining test but the letter I received is not very explanatory! So hence the app with consultant in Feb. Thankyou again for your insight and advice, truly appreciated.
Sarah ?

1 year ago

@sarah1972 , you can look up your local MS Nurse here :-

Try and contact them, they can be quite helpful if you’re looking at a potential diagnosis.

1 year ago

Thankyou stumbler, I thought you had to wait to be diagnosed before you had any contact with an ms nurse! I will indeed have a look. Thankyou.

1 year ago

Hi there Sarah,

Well thats a coincidence, I started this journey with a numb right side of my face with a ‘spot’ on my MRI. I was told I had a stroke which didn’t feel right and eventually ended up with a diagnosis of MS, which I must admit, was better than the options I was considering. (I was a GP then)
I had forgotten a previous episode of facial numbness many years ago and then other odd episodes came back to my mind. More than one episode usually clinches the diagnosis, including those silent ones seen on MRI and a positive LP.
Two years down the road I feel fine! Indeed far fitter than I used to be. I am following the “Overcoming MS” programme which I would recommend to anyone with MS. Its hard to be positive while your on the diagnostic treadmill, but sounds like you’ll be stepping off it soon, and then onwards.


1 year ago

Hi Colin, I do try to remain positive and as stress free as is mentally possible but the uncertainty is the worst… limbo land is a stop I want to get off from asap! Sounds like your adapting to a different way of life In a really positive way.Keep well and thankyou again for replying!

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