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Impact of change of seasons on fatigue

Hey All,
There’s been a couple of posts on seasonal sensitivity, so apologies if I’ve missed the answer- but I’m looking to understand if you guys find that you go through spells of fatigue as the seasons change. I’ve been fatigued for pretty much two weeks straight now, and realise that I had the same problem a year ago. May be way off though. Just trying to find answers to stop wondering, I’m sure you’ve all been there.
If there is indeed a link to the seasons- so you have any tips on how to help this? Exposure to light? Is it all of the seasons?
Thanks a lot for your help!

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5 months ago

Hi @aromastoff
I had the exact same realisation this evening!
I haven’t felt well rested for the past few weeks and both today and yesterday I fell into a really deep afternoon nap that I had to really force myself to get up from, and I still slept easily last night.
This is exactly the same as how I felt last winter when I would almost fall asleep at my desk around 3pm and go to bed immediately after dinner at about 7pm. It made me so miserable 🙁

I’m going to try to be more vigilant with taking a high dose vitamin D, B12 and iron daily (I’m also veggie which probably doesn’t help) but other than that I’m not sure what else to try.. I do find that if I can manage to force myself to go out for a run it actually perks up my energy levels afterwards so maybe that’s the answer.
Hope you find something to help,

5 months ago

Hey Sophia!
Wow!!! Wow, wow, wow! That makes so much sense! I also struggled the most these last two days! Ahaa! That is so helpful to know! Also the fact that you feel better after running. I am forever wondering if doing exercise (and I exercise a lot, normally) would do damage (body needs energy to sort the inflammations out) or would help (boost general health, endorphins, adrenaline etc.).
And just to see if you concur with this, too: I seem to remember that last year the fatigue melted away (to its normal level, that is) around the 4th/5th of December. So maybe not much longer to go!! And I think it’s only this bad for the change from autumn to winter, would you agree, too?

Just tried to send you a personal message as I think you and I have quite a similar history/situation going on here… 🙂 I would love to stay in touch, if you don’t mind? Couldn’t send the message, though, I think we need to be friends first.
Take care!

5 months ago

As it turns colder I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning. I have found I am more likely to desire an afternoon nap and evenings are bedtime not nighttime.

5 months ago

@aromastoff For me the heat is the worst. I am very sub-par managing (at best) 80%.

Now it is colder I love it as I feel much closer to normal again.

Without the Modafinil I was prescribed I fear it’d be much worse. But that is me and one of the neuros I see. It may not suit everyone.

5 months ago

@aromastoff , you’re right, you do need to be “Friends”, before Private Messaging is enabled between you.

Send a Friend Request, which must be acknowledged. 😉

5 months ago

Grey days never help but that goes for all of the population not just those of us with ms. Try one on the daylight headbands and see if that makes a difference👍😍

5 months ago

Thanks all! OK, that’s interesting to know. I’ll defo have a look at the light therapy idea!
And @dominics, I agree with the heat, too, I think I’m struggling with both, the change to winter, and the heat in summer. Yay me. 😉
Do you find that the Modafinil affects your sleep? I was on Amantadine, but while it helped during the day, meant that I was wide awake during the night.
Thanks again for your help!

5 months ago


Been hinted that I was patronising in the past! Perish the thought. I will assume you are familiar with the basic abbreviations.

Modafinil: I was Rx 200 mg bd initially. A warning from neuro to not take second tab after 1300h. I didn’t and it didn’t affect sleep.

What I found was that there is a dose response curve that means the second oneade little difference apart from making me a bit tense in neck and shoulders. This means that I self-titrated back to 1 X 200mg od. This works equally well for me.

It is Rx off label for fatigue in MS. It is licensed for narcolepsy in the US. The brand name is Provigil but it is widely supplied as Modafinil in generic form.

It isn’t an amphetamine so won’t affect your sleep in that way. You won’t be lying awake speeding!

Docs seem to be split on this. Many have an annoyingly patrician attitude and have a hair shirt outlook. Many don’t and think of it through the lens of your life. As long as there no contraindications I’d be asking them to explain why they won’t try it. It isn’t expensive to the NHS. For me it enabled me to finish my MSc when I was really struggling writing up last year.

5 months ago

I don’t like the cold weather, I’m better in the heat, except for snow, I love snow 😊! I do notice the difference but I think that’s people in general, lack of sunlight etc…

Although, it’s Christmas soon so something to smile about 😊. Maybe you need extra vitamins? I dont take anything for fatigue, just good ole fashion coffee, coffee, coffee 😊.

5 months ago

My MS is on the whole bad during the winter season, walking pain is higher and I’m more tired.

I do force myseld to do exercise (swimming) and social activity which does help.

I take a high dosage of vitamin D and have a SAD light.

Hope your faitgue improves.

5 months ago

Thanks dominics! I didn’t find your reply patronising at all! Very clear, thanks! Will talk to my neuro again, he argued last time that it would make my sleeping worst as it is medication against narcolepsy, as you mentioned. Thanks! Well done on your MSc!!

And thanks chezy17 and crazyscots! And I bought some SAD glasses yesterday! Are you supposed to treat yourself before lunchtime or something? Or when is the cut off point? I’m guessing there must be one, you don’t want to trick your body in thinking it’s bright daylight just before going to bed. 😉


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