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I'm scared ?

So totally new to this, had official doagnosisn2 wks ago….I lucky have trigeminal neuralgia when.its bad, but when not it’s itchy sore face… And the tiredness!!…. What’s next?- what shall.i do…I just feel lost, I’m scared, Am annoyed, fed up…..…….? This is just bloody hard and I don’t know how to cope….I’m 37, married to a type 1 diabetic, 2 x?chikdren-8✅and 4 ✅
I only mention hubby being diabetic as the thought of me injecting too scares me beyond belief!

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2 years ago

Diagnosed with rrms x

2 years ago

Your going to be mad, scared and sad for awhile and then you need to get your plan of attack together. You are now in a battle with MS. If you don’t want shots they have pill form of DMT’s like Tecfidera you can talk to your neuro about. You can ask any questions or just rant and rave, we might even join you. Potter

2 years ago

Hi @laineybob101
You’re not alone in feeling scared. Just look at the titles of the posts on here, we all are. there’s two common post themes on here: Firstly the fear. Tittles like; no faith, please help, confused, scared, stressed, low. Even the most seasoned MSer is scared, (& sometimes they no longer need to admit that out loud) MS effects everything, your thinking, your body, your sleep, it is a circle of dragging us down & picking ourselves up again. The second post common themes are treatments, all the drugs are all still in the testing stage, patients are guinea pigs as the medical proffession struggle to understand the causes, definition & treatment of this disease.
So that’s the MS world you’ve just landed in & welcome aboard, it’s perfectly normal to feel scared – it’s scary stuff, if you’re not scared you haven’t believed it yet.
However, use the fear to drive you forward, your mission is to live the best life you can with what you’ve been given, the MS community has vast amounts of experience dealing with this & we all do deal with it on a daily/hourly basis, even in our darkest hours we’ve learned to pull out the golden gem, the hope & get up again, that’s my point we all deal with it together, We’re sharing idea’s tips, thoughts, both high & low, we laugh at the disease in our bodies & anything else we find funny, we grab the good moments, take interest in the overall picture, stop sweating the little stuff that non MSers still stress over, we seize each good day & roll with it, we get proud of the oddest little things but they are our achievements & if the rest of the world doesn’t quite get that, so what, we have been given a challenge, the ones who have faced their fear & stood up (metaphorically sometmes) to it, looked it in the eye & said I have MS but it will not define who I am. We are all leading the way to the understanding of MS, we’ll take the knocks, try the new treatments, create new coping mechanisms, support groups, & life hacks. Not just for us but for the next generations, we cannot let the next generation down, MS is a daily battle like it or not you’re in this fight, grit your teeth dig in & fight,
MSers are the strongest people I have ever met & I have no doubt one day will you be too.

2 years ago

We’ve all been there so do understand. It will take a bit of time to come to terms with this but life does go on! On the injecting front, there are alternatives. Have a look at the treatments info on the MS Trust website. Personally, I initially felt the same way but did opt for an injectable and it has been fine. Take care x

2 years ago

Tog1 what a wonderful post, pretty much sums it all up. I do agree with hels99, I have been doing shots for about two months now and it is going just fine. I have always hated getting shots, now it is just something I do after dinner every night.

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