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I'm confused..

Hi everyone. I have only just joined this site today and am really impressed by what you’ve all been saying and the topics covered. I love a positive spin! I was diagnosed with MS back in December, have just had another MRI to compare with my October one and am due to meet the nurse on Thurs. I’ve yet been diagnosed with which type I have (though my instinct/hope is RRMS) I’m wondering about how the Neurologist (who I am due to see next in Sep) can confidently label which type I have in terms of starting a DMD. Obviously she will review and compare the MRI’s, but in terms of questioning me, I’m not sure if I can safely say that a lot of my symptoms have ever gone into remission (I’m guessing fatigue, tiredness, pins and needles etc could be a constant?) I don’t know if a ‘remission’ refers to a total disappearance of a symptom or an easing of it? Or how long it could last to be classed as a ‘remission’. Apologies for my vagueness..

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Hi @zoeb3790 and welcome. Being newly diagnosed with MS, is like starting school again. Here’s another subject that we need to learn from scratch!

What is and isn’t a relapse and a remission is something that will come with experience, although let’s hope not a quick experience.

Here’s the MS Society’s view on these things, which is as good an explanation as I could give :-

And, never apologise for vagueness, it wasn’t your choice to have the subject of MS imposed upon you. Hopefully, the meeting with your MS Nurse will increase your “education”. They are specialist nurses, who only deal with MS patients and will be your first point of contact for all things MS.

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I have it 24 years, dx’d 1992, shortly after a motorcycle accident where I shattered my left leg. The first 3 years were the worst for me, in terms of flare ups, hospitalizations, etc. but seems to have stabilized. Do not worry, just take it day by day. I had Lhermitte’s Sign for 3 years before it went away, every time I bent my head, electric shocks down my legs, I thought it would never disappear, but it did. I still do everything I did prior to dx, including ride motorcycles and even ski sometimes, albeit not like I used to. Just chill, take your meds and take it day by day. My main issues these days is pain, which I control with pain meds.

I think its normal with RRMS to not ever get symptoms to get fully better or possibly not even for a very very long time. However, for a remission I think the direction should be that there is some noticable improvement. Depending on a whole host of factors (like exercise) symptoms can become more pronounced but that doesnt mean the MS is more active in that case.

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