5 years ago
I wanna challenge!!

Before I had MS I got involved in a charity cycle challenge in Egypt and ever since have been desperate to do something like this again. However, I now find I can’t cycle terribly well and certainly can’t run or walk far. Does anyone know of any organisation or challenges that are geared towards disabled people?

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Hello Ems, you could try your local MS centre as they often organise parachute jumps for charity, how does that grab you!!! you said you wanted a challenge! x

i used to walk a lot over the mountains but now can’t, am doing a sky dive for my local hospice and got a few friends to do it too. should be fun. you should try it for a charity of your choice

Please feel free to laugh at me for this… but what if we made up our own challenge and set out to do that?
A bunch of us get together, decide to tackle XXX and go for it…?
Im in favour for something crazy like us bunch of ‘purveyors-of-MS’ biking from Lands End to John O’Groats, hiring a van to follow, and doing it relay-like together, swapping over as fatigue kicks in… yada yada yada…

I LOVE the idea of that. I am staying pretty active as much as I can and this sounds right up my street! Count me in!

Scotkiwi – that’s just what I wanted to hear! I wouldn’t have a clue where to start planning it but it would be AMAZING. Anyone else up for this?

Count me in 🙂 My best friend and her sister cycled from Manchester to Stockholm (MS) in 2010 to raise money and awareness for MS research. The MS Society had a department that help with fundraising who gave them support. We could look at fundraising for Shift?

Another option is a pre-planned events for all abilities like http://www.lcdisability.org

This sounds great! I’m up for it! Been wanting to do something that pushes me and raises money for ms for a while now…

Just to clarify, Im not up for the cycle across Britain, Im up for Scotkiwis idea of setting up our own challenge! I don’y even own a bike….

I’d be keen for the cycling as I can now ride a bike in a straight line again! 😀
I bought myself one a few weeks ago to build the strength in my legs again and am loving it! Especially making the most of my mobility! Doing something to help others with MS sounds like a great idea and it’d be cool to meet more people in a similar situation face to face!

I’m strangely attracted to this plan!!! I’ve never been the fittest of people although I was training with a roller derby team for a year before all my health problems so my fitness has improved!! I’ve been back to my first ‘fitness’ class tonight and it feels fantastic to have those endorphins swimming around my system again!! although i have to say…it was aqua-aerobics and it barely even raised my heart rate never mind getting a sweat on but I got the feel good factor!!

I am liking the enthusiasm!
Something that comes to mind is the cycle path between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Its 50 miles. People often do it in a day. That said, they dont have the wee added challenge that we get to deal with. So I would be more up for doing it over two days with an overnight stay halfway enroute. That way one gets a decent hotel bed and rest. The cycle path is also along the canal between the two cities – hence IT’S FLAT !!
This one comes to mind as I am based in Edinburgh, so apologies for the geographical bias…
I am also sure I can bribe a good mate to carry bags/luggage betwixt stops.

Baby steps and all that….

Cycling next to a canal with my balance worries me slightly….splish SPLASH!!!! Haha!!

its flat – and its a soft landing….
seriously, its about 3m wide in most parts (that I have biked at various times) so its not too bad

I really want to do something along these lines, iv been feeling really down recently due to a break up with my ex,what do you think about tandem bikes? also my aunt has MS and i know that she goes on lots of arrange breaks ect maybe we should do something like that and incorporate adventures into it?

Oh my bike got nicked the other day, NOT HAPPY!! But yes, I’m up for anything but can we do it when the weather has cooled down, have no energy whatsoever! And it would be ace to hook up with you guys!

I am loving all these ideas and would be up for joining in! I have literally just been diagnosed with MS and so far have not had any major mobility problems, that said I have just signed up for the Sodbury Slog (a 9 mile ‘run’ through lots of mud – search for it on the internet) purely for a personal challenge. I’d never have thought about it before the MS but now really want to see if I can push myself and also think it’s kind of a ‘sod you’ to my MS and proving that I won’t let ot take over my life.

scot count me in i just done a 6km wheel and walk more wheel than walk and want to do a parachuet jump next dont walk that good but up for out if i can.

Loving the ideas. I’m up for getting involved too. If we can raise a little bit of money too – all the better. Might need to look into a pair of stabilisers..

p.s. Shift.ms has 10 or so places to fill for the Great North Run in Newcastle on the 16th September. Do you know anyone who you could challenge to run the Great North Run for Shift.ms?

We ask if people can raise £300 for Shift.ms. If you are up for running or challenging a friend to run, let us know and I’ll send you details / tips on raising the cash.

We need to fill all places before the end of June. Any help would be amazing!


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