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I have MS and Autism.

Finding out that I was on the autism spectrum, surprisingly, didn’t feel good. It was confirming my misplacement (if that makes sense) and that it’s something permanent that I can’t resolve or remove. Then comes along MS and now I feel like, I’ve gone beyond the observable universe and i’m just way too different to fit in. A horse can’t have a child with a dog and I can’t fit into this society. I don’t know what problems to focus on sometimes. I get into feeling down about MS and then it might shift(ms – pun intended) to thinking about being on the autism spectrum.

I’ve heard low Vitamin D is linked to both. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or a curse.

Sorry to vent. I am mostly positive lol . I’m mostly positive that I can live a good life with both these “conditions”

I hope you guys have a good 2019.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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4 months ago

@africatoms A lot of us are dealing with more than just the ms and it isn’t all visible! I happen to have Breast Cancer as well, had a mastectomy, have a rubber friend cos I didn’t dare have reconstructive surgery because of the ms, one has necessary surgery but not just for looks but I look normal, I bet you do as well. You are not alone, there are lots of us, so keep your chin up, keep fighting🥊✌🏼😍

4 months ago

@africatoms , as @grandma alluded to, many people manage burdens throughout their lives.

Why us? Well, we are warriors and we can manage it! 😉

And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

4 months ago


If I told you that you were going to die – would you feel better or worse?

If someone 100 years ago were told they were going to die – how would they feel? Actually everyone who was a teenager 100 years ago is no longer with us…

Life is a journey & we all have the same destination. Enjoy your drive; MS, Autism or whatever… Seriously – find ways to enjoy your life!

And, Merry Christmas!

4 months ago

@africatoms, I have ppms, a partner on the asberger spectrum who has Alzheimer’s and we manage…. the best advice I had was ‘align yourself with the circumstances’. Your case is a bit different in that we can’t put ourselves in your shoes – no one can, unless they also have autism and ms….. have you thought of joining an autism forum? Someone on there might have another problem similar to ms that they are coping with. Sorry I can’t be more helpful… enjoy C’mas and I hope 2019 is good for you. xx

4 months ago

Hello @africatoms, life has clearly been tough for you with a double diagnosis. I have worked with autistic folk for the last twenty years, mainly children and young adults and totally understand your comment about misplacement. How much support do you have around you? The most important thing I guess will be for you to decide what you want your life to look like. What will make you feel safe, what are the ‘must haves’ you need for your life? I’m not on the spectrum but I still have my list of things that I absolutely must have every day. I hope you will find Shift to be a good source of support for you. All the best 🙂

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