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I have MS

I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 and it’s had it’s ups and downs ever since. The biggest loss is my ability to walk for long distances. I love the beach and that first summer after being diagnosed I couldn’t make it the mile to public beach and back. I remember getting there and sitting on the sand crying because my left foot had dragged on the sand and it was now bleeding. I could not believe that I could not walk back. I didn’t know what hurt more my cut up toes or that I could not walk back. I got so angry that I got up and forced myself to walk back not matter it took. Of course, my determination to walk back cost me a visit to the ER but it also made me realize that my life had changed. I do have a bioness brace now that helps me walk barefoot on the beach, but it has been a struggle.

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H @fabes, good to meet you. Lovely story that, through compromise and struggle you are maintaining your love for being on the beach. I too used to love walking, and living year to year until I got to go on a beach holiday to Spain. My walks on the sand are reduced too, but at least I get there. It’s so tough isn’t it, seeing yourself as a reduction of what you were. But, I have gotten tough with myself and always try to think of reasons why it could be worse!

How come’s you thought to tell of your experience on this day? Realising that your own life has changed is the tough test blow. I only got diagnosed last year but. Although I am doing OK, I wouldn’t wish the pre nd post diagnosis journey on anyone. Still, it’s all character building stuff and there have been some very positive life changes. Have a great Sunday, good to talk x

1 year ago

Keep strong @fabes
I remember going through exactly the same! Get a mobility scooter! That put a big smile on my face 😊
No need to struggle i did struggle for 2 years!😳

What is it a bioness brace???

1 year ago

Hi @mmhhpp

It is hard when you see that what you used to take for granted, a simple walk on the beach and then suddenly you wake up one day all ready to because you finally got to your happy place and that’s what you’ve done since you were a kid and now you can’t. I was devastated but when I got the bioness, and now the new one no need for a foot piece, I can walk barefoot. I actually did the happy dance, lol. The bioness is awesome, it’s a brace that you wear and it senses when you lift your foot so it helps you lift it and you don’t trip. You should look it up
Stay strong 💪

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1 year ago

Hi @fabes. It is great you are finding ways to do the things you love most. I can empathise with the roller coaster of feelings you have been through – I was diagnosed in July/August last year and do struggle with feeling as if I’ve been kind of ‘robbed ‘ of things that were really dear to me, including certain outdoors activities. It is tough working ways round the obstacles stopping you from doing what you like most and also what you need to do! But you have done just that!

I hadn’t heard of a bioness before either! Thank you for letting us know about it and also how you are managing to stay strong! Enjoy your Sunday! ☺ xx

1 year ago

Dear @fabes,

I am very happy to see that this machine works for you. When I had similar problem the hospital gave me here in the uk a crap electrode that would stick on my leg and connect to a machine on my weist but the problem was my leg was electrocuted to lift it up and the problem was if the leg was not going back to the floor it wouldn’t switched off and the electrocution would be a long standing which was very painful crap machine now it’s too late to try this kind of things but I’m happy you managed to find the right one . One joy about this f…. ms.

You to keep strong we need that 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻Xx

1 year ago

Thank you for the link. @stumbler

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