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4 years ago

Hi @blue-eyes, and welcome to the forum.

It’s a reasonable request that you’ve made, although, members need to have an acknowledged friend request before they can message each other privately.

Otherwise, you can retain as much anonymity as you like, if you would like to pose the question openly. At present, you are just known as Blue Eyes, nothing more.

And I thought Frank Sinatra was singing to the angels….. 😉

4 years ago

Oh i didnt realise that.. well here goes nothing.. when getting intimate no mstter how much i want it i dont get very wet.. i have read that this could be to do with the ms but i am not so sure so i was just wondering if this affected anyone else x

4 years ago

I hope someone with more knowledge /experience than me will answer, but I took part in a research project soon after diagnosis and amongst 100’s of questions they asked me if I had difficulties with lubrication, so I am guessing it is linked. I wrote on the paper, ” I have ms, you haven’t asked me if a change in my ability to move has effexted my sex life”. I am sure they loved meeting me. Jx

4 years ago

I would think there are a lot of factors, like age, do you mean when you touch yourself or when being touched? If so does he bore you? Long time married? All of this could make a difference I would think.

4 years ago

@@blue-eyes , have a read through this publication from the MS Trust:=

This covers the whole subject of MS and female sexuality.

4 years ago

Get a tube of KY Jelly from your local pharmacy, or online if you like. Really makes dryness a past issue during sex and very little is needed!

4 years ago

Okay, here goes:
So, though I don’t have that specific problem, it can just take a bit of a while to get going. I think it’s one of those things where it would be difficult to pin point whether or not it is the MS, stress or something else that is causing it. For now, at least, managing the problem is the more pressing issue, I agree with the person recommended purchasing some – it isn’t that big a deal and you can even get flavoured if you want to incorporate it into your play. Perhaps adapting your play time so that there is more foreplay could also help.

4 years ago

Stumbler is quite right. Your profile does not say whether you are a bloke or a gal, and its a pretty big question for folks when they can see NOTHING about you.
Loads of stuff can be the cause…age, menopause etc
As for @banksider…..there are many more better lubes around.
Trip round Boots or the internet will show you that.

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