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How much of my disability is in my head?

I’ve had an…interesting life up until this point, one that can be dissected into two separate parts, the time before I went to university, my childhood and my time in the ten years since. Oh and my time since my diagnosis, so really that’s three parts.

The time before I went off to uni was one of, unpredictability, self doubt and unfulfilled potential and this time has left me with certain ‘mental scars’ and undoubtedly these have bled into my time since then.

I have to wonder, how much of my current physical ability, or disability, is in my head? There are things I know I can do, if I think about them logically, yet when I come to do them I convince myself beforehand I can’t.

For example, I know I have to get to destination X but my brain is convinced I won’t be able to reach X without a lot of difficulty, which logically is simply not true. So just how much of my disability is in my head, my own self doubt and how much is actually affecting me?

This post is more just a thinking point than anything else, but it was certainly something I needed to ‘verbalize’ for other peoples digestion.

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5 years ago

I think some days are harder than others and that can lead to thoughts of negativity on the not so bad days. I think it’s the fear of pain and disappointment leads us into not doing something.

5 years ago

i agree with pottypete. i know i think too much so when i want to do something i just have to do it straight away or i will convince myself otherwise. We are all capable, its just how much you really want to do it

5 years ago

MS brings with it a whole new set of challenges, which need a bit of logistical thinking. So, it’s all in the preparation.
“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” – don’t you hate all this business rhetoric, but this one has a definite meaning for us.

5 years ago

Totally, totally, totally agree. X

5 years ago

With all of you, actually! ! X

5 years ago

I know what you’re saying, Gav, and agree. I also think that within the true neurological boundaries of what’s possible and what is not, there are a million shades of difference. Certainly for me, what contributes to this is emotional state, tiredness, even a little cold/cough and long haul flights. I think the game is to identify the triggers and as far as possible avoid them.

5 years ago

Sorry gav but all I can say is I agree with the above plus add on good and bad days and there you have it a problem !
All the best femke xx

5 years ago

I just need to learn to believe in myself and my potential 🙂

5 years ago

Hi… Yeah I also totally know what you are saying… I try so desperately hard to tell myself and my legs it’s all in my head and visualize cycling my favorite places again but then I try standing and walking and pffft my thoughts aren’t being listened to!

I do find Glenn Harrolds “Heal your body” self hypnosis cd relaxes me and would recommend it for positive thoughts but it hasn’t sorted my walking yet…

Best wishes xxx

5 years ago

All of my disability is in my head so i completely understand Gav!
i dont have any actual disability and pass all of my neurological exams with flying colours but i get it in my head that i cant do things or shouldnt do things… it got so bad that i thought to myself i cant stand up for very long becuase people with MS usually cant and i would freak myself out… there is a serious mental component to dealing with this disease i swear!

5 years ago

I ve noticed that if I keep thinking “you can ,you can”,quite often i walk x metres as though i was fine..I guess that a small percentage of it may be psychological …

5 years ago

@gav I know what you mean, Unfulfilled ambitions does leave the greatest scars. My best advice is to start a new chapter that is more filled with thoughts of future ambitions. Personally I need to see the wash8ing up or getting dressed as something to strive to accomplish. Really for a girl who was speaking 12 f*cking languages and didn’t even see the arabic as a challenge, now washing up is too hard and also I can’t even read anymore…

But again focus of things ytou can do and not what you haven’t done.


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