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How much do you exercise?

Hi, I have RESRRMS and I have mobility issues. I use crutches and a wheelchair. I used to go to Zumba but haven’t since I was diagnosed more of less. The question is, do I try it again and make my self worse potentially or stay well away? My thoughts are if you don’t try you don’t know but I don’t want to be thick about it! X

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2 years ago

@chloeautumnx , definitely get back to it. Your body will appreciate it.

But, pace yourself. Start slowly and work your way up……

2 years ago

Yes, but you can be selective about it. Are you sure you want to do the same activities or is this the moment to start exploring possible alternatives? It’ll be trial and error but definitely worth looking around. I do aqua zumba now – great fun – and how about Pilates? If you’re lucky enough to have an MS centre nearby, it would be easier to find something tailored to what you can manage. xx

2 years ago

Used to love the gym, keep trying to get myself into exercises again then back to the gym. Easier said then done

2 years ago

I was a gym bunny. Im trying to be better. It’s hard .

2 years ago

I only go for 30 min walks on good days and about 15 minutes in I’m walking into the bushes. I suffer a lot of fatigue so I haven’t been really on top of my fitness level. My doctor suggested the recumbent bike at the gym if you suffer balance or mobility issues so that’s on my list of to dos. Aqua fitness is another thing you could try it’s easier on the joints. Cardiologist I spoke to has stated to try doing min 150 minutes of fitness in a week.

2 years ago

Try walking with some Nordic poles. I find I am able to walk that much further when I use them with the added bonus of giving my arms a bit of a workout too!

2 years ago

My doctor sent me to a physical therapists when I was first diagnosed, she gave me some stretches to do so I can keep walking. I have added some Tai Chi to it and some exercises my foot doctor’s therapist gave me. I do those 3 or 4 times a week and it takes me about a hour. I have tried to add more exercises but I end up hurting myself. For instance push ups against the wall made my tennis elbow worse. Potter

2 years ago

@chloeautumnx I think you should get back to all, just take an extra care, evaluate how you feel during the exercise…. but generally it’s good to exercise and body loves it. Zumba is fun! 🙂
All the best xx

2 years ago

Hi Chloe,

I have secondary progressive Ms. I have had Ms 19 years, 14 as RRMS and the last 5 as SPMS.
I swim 20 lengths back stroke 4 times a week. In the water I don’t have MS, and I don’t worry about tripping or falling or limping, all of which I am quite lithely to do if out walking. I am not a great walker, I can walk for about an hour using a stick before needing a coffee break, as now I do get tired with the fatigue. Swimming is a good cardiovascular work out and I can exercise all my muscles and joints in the water. It’s gentle, and to be honest my body complains if i have to miss swimming for a few days as it gets used to the routine and benefits from the activity. I feel safe in the pool in a way I don’t feel safe anywhere else. It makes my mind feel good as when I have had a swim i feel fantastic! My gp has told me that it’s the swimming which is probably the reason I am still walking. Exercise is the best medication we can take. And it’s natural.
Willow x

1 year ago

Hi Chloe
I’d agree with Willow. I now go swimming twice a week so that I can exercise without falling over etc. Pilates also works for me. I think just take any exercise gently until you get used to it again and your stamina increases. Make sure you take plenty of breaks….most people are very understanding. Good luck

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