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How do you explain MS to others?

My explanation Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a disease of the central nervous system. The nerves are covered in a protective layer of fatty protein called the myelin sheath a bit like the insulation on an electrical cable.

MS is an auto-immune disease, where the immune system gets confused and instead of attacking an infection or virus, the immune system turns on itself and attacks the nerve cells, damaging this protective sheath.

So if you think of me as an old house with lots of electrical wires that are slightly damaged or cut completely(Jokingly i tend to say that Ive got a rodent infestation thats eating away the wires.) So sometimes when you switch on a light it might not work as the electricity signal doesn’t get through.
Now Think of my feet and legs like the light

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6 years ago

That’s more or less how I explain it! I just say I’m like a faulty iron with a frayed power lead…sometimes it works, but wouldn’t put money on it!

6 years ago

Snap me too!!! I imagine my MS monster as a mouse nibbling away at the wires!!!

6 years ago

Actually those 3 short videos on the MS society site are pretty good for showing normal folks:
Making a cup of tea with boxing gloves on.
walking up lot of stairs with TIGHT corset..
My personal fave….trying to walk down the road with wellys full of sand.
Tell em to watch that and go figure!

Pretty much similar to that. Fatigue is the hard one to get over….people just don’t get it!!

6 years ago

I may have to check thos videoes out to better show my friends and family. 🙂

6 years ago

copy and paste this video, pretty good

6 years ago

or just click on it…….it worked !!!!!

6 years ago

Great analogy on what it is. That is how I explain it as well.
The problem comes in when we try to explain HOW all these mice nibbling our wiring makes us feel. Challenging.
The YOUTUBE videos are spot on.

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