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I can’t train my Monster to do the housework for me. Vacuuming usually cause me standing difficulties even worse than normal. Washing dishes can cause me problems because I can’t feel my hands so can’t tell if the water is too hot or if there are sharp hazards.

7 years ago

Washing up!! Standing with my hands in hot water for 20 minutes seems to send my thermostat a bit crazy and it takes me ages to cool down again! I’ve started wearing marigolds to reduce the effect and that has really helped but I still have a very pink face when I finish!

7 years ago

Have you noticed how little things jump out of your hand and roll just far enough away to make it difficult to pick up………..

7 years ago

i hate bending over to pick things up off the floor or wash out the bath, makes my eyes get blue and yellow spots and my head thump. i also hate pegging things out on the line my arms aren’t strong enough to reach up with wet clothes and my arms get pins and needles almost instantly. god i wish i had a cleaner

7 years ago

Got a cleaner after I needed to sit down aabout 4 times just hoovering the front room! Partner works away so was bthat or a scruffy house! Have a purching stool for doing the dishes, also great for cooking. Sit to do washing, ironing and picking things up, or will fall. Clothes don’t get hung outside anymore. Find purching stool great

7 years ago

Thanksd for all your help guys! I can relate to most of these myself so great to know i’m not alone x

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