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Hot baths and PPMS

Hi people, need some help please. My younger sister was diagnosed a year ago, recently as PPMS. She is relatively active. Yesterday, she had her usual bath, which she was unable to lift herself out of, no energy or control etc. She had to wait for her husband to come and help her which was obviously upsetting. She had drained the bath for safety and so ended up freezing when he found her.he thought she was having a stroke as she wasn’t making sense. He called an ambulance who took her off, did bloods and a CT scan. They think she might have a chest infection as her kids have had colds. I explained about pseudo-exacerbation caused through baths, as I get this too but it hasn’t really affected her before. Today she is washed out and weepy; this is the first time she has succumbed to the real effects of MS.

Please can I ask if any of you have experienced similar to this? She is so terribly upset and I am trying to convince her that she will feel better, and can put things in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks…… 🙁

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1 year ago

@vixen , this could well be a pseudo-exacerbartion, with a bit of Uhthoffs Phenomenon thrown in for good measure.

Perhaps the bath was just too hot??

The bath is a dangerous place, without someone in attendance. Well, shouting distance.

1 year ago

The first thing I was told when I was daignosed with ms is nevervtake hot shower or bath or too cold too. Theyvtold me it effects the brain something pressure so better always be medium heat.

1 year ago

Oh this explains why I take quick lightly heated showers and I will go nutts in a too cold shower…and people (nonMsers) initially be thinking Im weird or something but lol and I be thinking the same thing about them, # try not too judge book by its cover…

1 year ago

Hot baths and showers will make symptoms worse so avoid them.

1 year ago

It’s known as Uhthoff’s Phenomenon………. 😉

10 months ago

This happens to last I had a bath I was in there fo 4 hours and it was bloody freezing lol

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