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Hospital Trip

So I’ve just finished a trip down to the eye casualty dept after I spoke to my MS nurse yesterday and she advised I do so. Trying to find out why I’m having double vision, and my eyes are ‘perfect’. All tests run, nothing out of the ordinary, green across the board. Great news but still doesn’t help with the double vision.

Currently the only course that remains is steroids which are a no no unless really needed. So as usual, leaves my own personal DX belief in tatters but still with a noticeable double vision in certain situations.

So then do I have balance issues? You know it’s like how do I know it’s not just something I’ve always had? But I’m sure these things have worsened! Why can’t I have something easier to tell!

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4 years ago

@jonnydrama , sorry to disagree with you and the A&E staff at the eye hospital, but your eyes cannot be ‘perfect’ if both eyes aren’t focusing on the same object, i.e. double vision!

You want to see if you can get a referral to an optometrist (I think that’s what they’re called!). They can then check out your eyes in detail and measure the angle of the “convergence error”.

Prisms can be used to alter the viewing angle of the “bad” eye, to mitigate the double vision.

And, yes, balance will be an issue. Balance is a combination of three functions. The ear and its balancing mechanism, the feedback from you lower limbs and what your eyes are seeing. With MS, two or three of those functions can be under-performing, hence, balance problems.

I’d go back to your MS Nurse and see if they can arrange an appropriate referral for you. 😉

4 years ago

I recently saw a neuroopthamologist to check for optic neuritis (my vision has only been a bit blurred in my right eye but given all of my symptoms have been on my right side they wanted to check it out just in case) and they went through all the tests to check that it wasn’t being caused by my ms. Can you get them to refer you to someone similar for this or whether that was who you spoke to already.

Good luck with it, it’s bloody frustrating getting anywhere with some things

4 years ago

My MS nurse wanted me to visit and then let her know so we know more on how to proceed. As soon as she gets back to me I’ll be able to sort going to see her instead of phone conversation.

It’s disheartening really. I’m going through the whole don’t want to be a burden or people thinking I’m taking the piss, but having spoken to family they certainly don’t feel that way, and they’re the ones who manage/pay me!

I think I wanted to be able to directly link it to something but obviously I didn’t get that, and that’s so frustrating, with or without MS

4 years ago

My first symptom was double vision which developed into nystagmus. I saw an optometrist in A&E who advised me it wasn’t my eyes but my brain. On examination my eyes where fine but my symptoms indicated I wasn’t. My balance was effected. At its worse I felt punch drunk. An mri the next day confirmed a brainstem lesion. Nasty.

4 years ago

@sandwich you’ve so very much made my day!

Sounds a lot like what I’ve got, not saying that it’s necessarily right but it gives some hope!

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