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i had a relapse in March (during a week away in the UK) and my wife had to pick up the slack in order to look after our daughter (14mnths old).

all of which means (especially when combined with the British summer), she needs and deserves to get some sun this year.

we’ve been abroad many times since my diagnosis, but not since our little girl arrived.

when i think of packing for us all, getting to the airport, navigating the airport, making transfers, moving bags, etc i get incredibly tense and anxious, and worry that i might get ill again.

now i don’t want to let the MS beat me. but am i “trying to run before i can walk” planning to travel so soon after a debilitating relapse?

i know it’s different for everyone but some feedback and other peoples experiences would be great!

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6 years ago

By contacting the airport well in advance, most will provide fantastic help for you all.

6 years ago

i second that – let the airline and airport know i advance and they will help you right from the off – OCS @ the British airport will have a desk – check in with them there and they can help navigate the airport with your bags – jump you in the queue for check in and xray part etc etc, the airline staff will help you on the plane and if you think the steps up to the plane are too much you can request when you arrive to use the ambi-lift. usually you board first and leave last – it means you can get settled in your seat before the big rush of mad holidaymakers push in (i’m sure they think they’ll lose their seat unless they do?!??!?!?!!) and then the ground crew will help you disembark the other end ang get through customs – if you think your need a wheelchair and don’t have your own then they will supply you with one to use whilst in the airport. they do make it stress fress as possible and should help you out from start to finish as long as they know in advance – enjoy your hols x

6 years ago

Evening @stevedomino

I work at an international airport, and we have loads of ppl thru every day. If reqd you can request a wheelchair, and they will meet you with one at the entrance door of the terminal and a nice person will wheel you all the way to the aircraft, assisting with check-in, security etc…

Chose your airline – a low-cost airline wont be as proactive to assist you, when contrasted with say BA*

*other airlines are available

6 years ago

Reccomend you read the OTHER thread on this subject…called travel insurance. definitely echo @scotkiwi. You ask for and INSIST on assisted travel, this end and the other end of flight.
Esp if you have bags, kid, wheelchair and pushchair.
Even if no wheelchair…..
Take it easy, as much as a 2 yr old will let you. Laze by pool. swimming v. good for muscles. Heat may be a problem. I intend to have looong siesta’s. Maybe the little one will be worn out enough to let you have one!

6 years ago

thanks so much for all these comments, very much appreciated!


6 years ago

I have to be honest, putting the MS to one side, I haven’t been brave enough to travel outside of the country yet with a 3 year old and a 10 month old in tow!! I think you’re a brave man 🙂

6 years ago

the issue i’m having is an everyday occurence for all of us with MS:

knowing whether we’re being DEFEATIST or REALISTIC about what our body/mental state can handle

and the unpredictable wonders of the condition mean that most of the time we have no idea whether the action we take / don’t take is responsible for our well-being!

6 years ago

I travelled to Paris a few years ago in the middle of what I subsequently discovered was a big relapse and have to say that EasyJet (of all people!) and Luton airport were great! We rang in advance, got to check-in with my trusty cane and was given a wheelchair. We were met at a collection point before boarding, wheeled straight through security and onto a porta-cabin on wheels which lifted us onto the plane before the great fight for seats began (had to laugh at the glares we got from the people who had elbowed their way to the front of the queue only to discover us already relaxing in the front row!) There was a bit of a delay in getting of at the other end as apparently Charles de Gaulle airport only has one or two lifts which were being used elsewhere but we again got wheeled straight through passport control so ended up at baggage claim at the same time as everyone else! You know your own body and symptoms, but I would certainly say that there are systems in place which can really make a difference and ensure that whatever else MS takes away from us, it doesn’t have to take holidays too! Have a fantastic time! xx

6 years ago

Ooh..forgot to say… my partner hates flying so we have used Eurostar a few times to get over to France and I really recommend it if it goes to places you’re interested in as it is SO much less stressful than flying!

6 years ago

It really depends on your symptoms as to how you can manage.
I flew to Turkey in Feb, I booked business class, as I could be taken to the business class lounge where it was calm & quiet.
I also had assistance at both airports to the lounges and the aircraft. Cabin Crew were very aware and were extremely helpful.
Sure its at a cost, but worth it if you can.

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