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Hip/knee/drop foot…

Evening MSers.

Does anyone experience issues/difficulties with their hip, knee or walking in general? It’s very labouring to walk.

I don’t walk “normal” or “natural” due to MS. I have issues with my left hip, left knee not bending as it should and foot drop.

Do you guys take or recommend any creams/ medication that will help with the aches and pains and stiffness? (I’ll obviously get approval from my

But it’ll be good to hear your experiences and to know of any possible remedies.


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2 years ago

Hi mate

I don’t walk in a conventional manner. But I’m just thankful to be walking again. After my last relapse 2 years ago, I couldn’t even stand up.

My physio told me I have a lot of weakness in my body. In general my core area is very weak. My lower back, glutes and hips are very weak. I also had dropped foot and was given a splint for this. But I only used the splint sparingly and tried walking without a splint where it was relatively safe to do so. It is about re-training the brain to lift the foot on every step. This action would occur more automatically but now we have to consciously make it happen. But with repetition it can occur faster and easier.

My balance was non existent a few years ago. But constantly doing my exercises to strengthen my core and legs in addition to pilates, I have seen a massive improvement. Unfortunately there is no magic cream for quick success. Just keep walking and using your muscles, which will improve your nerve pathways.

2 years ago

Hi. I also have hip, leg ankle foot pain. I’ve fallen a couple of times and broken my foot. I do go to PT for these issues which does help. I also use Aspercreme for pain and vicaden. The leg pain and drop foot is always there though. Not much to do about that. I walk with cane sto avoid further falls.

2 years ago

Hi, I’m no expert but I recently had s stiff leg, it would stiffen as walking and very heavy/tight. Ms nurse suggested baclofen. Dr subscribed and worked brilliantly. X

2 years ago

I guess I was living in a fantasy world, thinking that there was something simple I can take/use to sort out my walking issue. The be started seeing a PT, to work on my core and improving movement in my hip. Let’s hope it improves things.

2 years ago

I am having similar problems and have been referred to a physio, they have given my some exercises to complete every day. I joined a gym with the approval of my Ms nurse and physio who both agreed that pilates and yoga will be very beneficial. It’s difficult to start with because my balance is terrible, but I am sure it will improve. I have found that swimming is also helpful and because the pool is not deep I can walk better in the water and do my physio exercises at the same time.
I read somewhere that if you try to lift your leg (the one that drags) like you are climbing stairs helps. I am trying this too, it does take a lot of thought and concentration to do, but it is helping me.
I am taking pregabalin for nerve pain and pins and needles which is really helping me.
Hope this helps. Good luck ☺️

2 years ago

@diamondrebel Thanks! I’m also seeing a PT to work on trying to strengthen the muscles around my hip/buttocks area. Im going try and walk with my dragging left leg as if I’m climbing stairs. Sounds interesting!

2 years ago

Let me know how you get on with everything.

2 years ago

I have been doing stretches that a physical therapist gave me when I was first diagnosed, I have added a little Tai Chi and some exercise from my foot doctor. I also use a body massager on my legs, my foot doctor had a therapist rub a metal rib up my legs from the ankle to the knee with some lotion, hurt like hell. Hurt even worse when I saw how much they were charging the insurance company $1000 a treatment. I decided to continue the treatment at home so I bought a cheap electric massager that had a choice of accesories. I found one that felt pretty close to the pain I had felt before, I do this three times a week, I am still walking. Potter

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