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Hi Everyone – Suggestions On Sleeping

Hi There

I found you guys today.

I suspect I may have MS & my anxiety is so overpowering, I cannot sleep a wink.

It’s been 2 days/nights & we all know that’s not healthy.

No matter what I take, I can’t fall asleep & if I do I suddenly open my eyes immediately in fear, realizing its not a bad dream I’m going to awake from.

Thanks much & where would general everyday discussion be?

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1 year ago

Hello @stevesap
First I’d like to tell you about my MS journy..
I was daignosed in 2005 age 17 I lost my sight in one eye. During a final Exam at highschool.
I thought it was extreme short sight something because I’ve never realised I have MS till 2010.
My parents and the neuro treated my eye perfectly with cortizon and secretly too.
They didnt tell me. I never guessed it. Because neithe me or my parents ever heard of this illness.
I lived my life normal till 2010 symptoms free because i wasnt thinking of it. In second year university I knew it. Required a treatment took rebef. Got my econd relpse after traveled to the US a prof told me to take tysqbri or I’ll be bedbound. Of course i listened to his words therefore i stopped all treatment till today in 2012 i traveled to uk worked studied symptom free. Returned bk home in 2015 symptoms free.
Applied for a new job still on it i can dance run do however i choose now I’m 30.
MS is in the head. So is the worries sadness anciety deppression during all these yrs i got 2 symptoms only.

Its not a cancer. It doesnt kill. Sites drs media ect makes MS patients fear it but its not that big deal. I’m a saudi woman btw.

Be safe and happy
And live your life to the fullest distract yourself same way you ued to do before thee couple of nights.

1 year ago

Hello @stevesap. Why do you suspect you have MS, are you being investigated? If you type a keyword into the search box it will come up with lots of associated threads to read through. But, there’s no point in speculating and then adding to your anxiety. Why don’t you write a little about your background and then people might be able to help with suggestions. It’s great that you’ve found this site though,

1 year ago

Hi @stevesap , and welcome.

I believe the term “catastrophising” is what you are presently doing. You suspect it may be MS. but what is the worse thing that may happen. You could be diagnosed with an incurable, degenerative condition, which sounds awful. But, MS is not terminal and these days it can be managed.

MS is no longer the condition it was 10, 15, 20 years ago. Medical science has moved on, with advances coming thick and fast. OK, there’s no cures but great strides are being made to lessen the impact.

So, chill out, breath and stop making yourself ill.

1 year ago

Thanks for the replies nutshell, vixen, and stumbler.

I understand that those who know they have any disease isn’t a fan of ppl who assume they also have it.

So if I may, I’d like to ask a couple of questions out of curiosity, and then I’ll tell the rest of my story which is much more detailed.

First, has anyone here over the years, even before they were diagnosed, had a strange feeling now & then in the middle of their middle back, as if you have to force yourself to get a complete chill up your spine?

Kind of like if you get goosebumps, get a cold chill, or even sneeze.

Sometimes if I feel short of breath, and I think about it, it feels like I have to force myself to yawn to get a deep breath of air, and it relieves the spine feeling for second.
So does forcing myself to get a complete chill up my spine. Even a sneeze.

Next question is regarding those who have the Icee hot, numbness, tingling feelings.

Are those feelings always there, only when you take meds, or have you never had them & only get aches & pains.

While the described spine feeling has been as long as I can remember, the other things started for me 8 months into taking blood pressure meds.

It has been virtually downhill since, which I’ll get into.

Nice to have ppl to talk to who understand 🙂

1 year ago

@stevesap , MS can cause a myriad of different symptoms, a lot of them sensory. But, so can other conditions!

Are you presently under a Neurologist, because this is the only person that can really start to answer your questions.

If your blood pressure meds are causing problems, it is wise to go back to the prescribing Doctor to discuss and see whether there are alternative meds. By the way, I was on blood pressure meds for years until I stopped taking them during a hospital stay, when I was subject to regulare obs – my blood pressure was fine!

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