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Hi everyone!!!

Hi! I was diagnosed in November and am 24. I’d love to meet some other young people who know how shit it is to have MS, but can laugh about it too (like when you accidentally throw all your change at a shopkeeper and they think you must be drunk). I’m new to this site so not sure how it all works yet, but would love to hear from some like-minded people. Maybe even meet up with people who are also in Edinburgh?

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5 years ago

Hello and welcome. We are a friendly and supportive bunch. If you need any questions answered do not hesitate in asking. XXX

5 years ago

Hello 🙂

I am also 24 (as of a couple of weeks ago!) And was disagnosed in February. So I am a total newbie.

I couldn’t be much further away from Edinburgh if I tied down in Norfolk I’m afraid, but always at the end of a computer if you need anything.

Everyone here was very helpful when I began posting 🙂 xx

5 years ago

Hello and welcome.
This is a great site to talk to people about “the fun” of having ms :p
Havent thrown money at a shopkeeper yet, but I did get thrown out of a club recently because they thought I was too pissed lol.
I was 25 when I got diagnosed so I know what you are going through.

5 years ago

What a beautiful name you’ve chosen – it’s got lovely sentiments!
Anyway, welcome from someone, whose young at heart! 🙂

5 years ago

And a welcome from another slightly older fart.

If you’re going to throw money around, chuck it at me. 😉

5 years ago

Hello im in edinburgh! 26 now, diagnosed at 25 having relapses since i was 21!

5 years ago

Hi guys, I’m north of the border and in Glasgow. Would be nice to meet up. I’m 29, diagnosed on Halloween 2012 (scarier than normal!) but had a pretty good idea of what was going on for about 6 months before that…

5 years ago

Hi, welcome

5 years ago

Wow!! I certainly wasn’t expecting to log in and find so many responses – thank you all! Sooo glad to have found a forum that isn’t all ‘woe is me’all the time, but with lovely people who support each other!

@openminded: Hello, thank you for the welcome! I will do my best to offer help to others as well when I can!
@shulla: I hope you are coping well with your very recent diagnoses! I think mine is only starting to sink in now. Always here if you need to chat!
@dave c:Haha, I’ve done the opposite and used my MS to get back in when I actually was pissed. Is that bad? In fairness, it was the day after my diagnoses and I wanted to see what it felt like to say it, and I had just graduated that morning so deserved to be drunk and still out!
@stumbler: Thank you very much. Being told I have MS was a big blow (one that you all know), but at the same time it has given me a good boot up the bum to appreciate what I have and get on with and enjoy life! Like running a half marathon for the MS Society in May!…something I would never have even considered before.
@pottypete: It’s not always money…sometimes it’s hot coffee haha – keep a safe distance! 🙂
@hugmachine: Hello! I will mail you! I’m meeting someone from the Scottish MS society in a couple of weeks about setting up a more fun group here. I hope you might be interested in joining!
@angeshiftms: I will mail you too! At least you’ll never have a problem remembering your diagnoses date! I love a shopping/partying trip to Glasgow so hope we can meet there haha.

Sorry for the super long reply. It’s partly because I wanted to reply to everyone indiviually, and partly because I’m excited I’m able to type again as I couldn’t a couple of months ago. Also, I’m in work and work is boring.

Hello and welcome. Not so young now…….mentally 25ish, physically 75-80….actually 40!!

5 years ago

@norfolkgal: Hello and thank you for the welcome.
@stallionicchampionic: Hello! I hear 40 is the new 20.

5 years ago

Hello and welcome. I am 25 and diagnosed last year, from Aberdeenshire. When i got my second neurology appointment to discuss the results of the M.R.I through the post, i had to laugh when the date was Friday 13th possibly not the best omen ha ha.
I couldn’t imagine living life without laughing hard at something at least once a day

5 years ago

@jj5ism I read your name as jism, do you come here often? 😉

5 years ago

@pottypete: ha ha ha-not bad.
When signing up to shift i put in a part of my e-mail address and never thought about it at the time until i posted my first comment. My old boss when i was 17 gave me the nickname jonny jizz but that is a long story ha ha

5 years ago

Hey! I am in Glasgow too 🙂 I am 21, shift thinks I’m 22 already for some reason, I AM 22 in a month though! x

5 years ago

Hello! I am new too, and recently diagnosed (last month). I’m 30, but still believe I am 20 something in my head 😀 It’s nice to find a place that isn’t full of people thinking the worst all the time 🙂

5 years ago

Hi silver lining! (well everycloud just has to have one 😉 )

Welcome to shift, a good site to chat about things, vent or just socialize and have fun!

I am sure you will fit in around here with the rest of us loonies xD

5 years ago

Hey @everycloud… maybe us other Scots could join you when you meet the Scottish MS Society person? What do you reckon?

5 years ago

Hi there, i’m also new around here!
I’m 19 and I was ‘diagnosed’ in december. Why the ” ? Because I also have Lupus, so i’m being studied by doctors and stuff. They just said that is more likely to be MS so they started giving me high doses of cortisone and just have to wait until the next relapse to figure it out..
But hey, laughing it’s really the best remedy for anything.
We can meet up if you ever come to Portugal : )


5 years ago

Goodness me! I disappear for two weeks and come back to lots more lovely greetings 🙂
@jj5sim: Haha! I wonder if your appointment was the next day would they have said, ‘Ach, you’re fine!’
@kirstyscotland8: It has done the that to me too! I’m having a quarter life crisis turning 25 this year, and this site has accused me of being 25 already! Your birthday must be soon now, so happy birthday 🙂
@eskimosie: I agree! Being surrounded by upbeat people makes you upbeat. Hope you’re dealing with the diagnoses okay! Here if you need a rant! It can’t be harder than turning 30 anyway 😛
@f3ng5hu1: Hello! Thank you for the welcome 🙂 I feel at home here already!
@angeshiftms: I sent you a ‘reply’ to this, hope it worked!
@cristinacruz: Wow…sounds like you’ve been through a lot! I hope they figure it out soon, and you hold on to that wonderful positive attitude! My boyfriend and I are booking a holiday soon, you never know…Portugal could be on the cards!!

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