barbarella 01/04/18
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Hi all

I have my first appointment this month to see my neurologist. Not sure what to expect. I’m actually dreading goin and scared. Any tips on what to expect?? What to ask??

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3 weeks ago

Hi Barbarella, just saw your post as I was turning in. You must have lots of questions for neurologist and ms nurse if you’re getting one. Don’t rush, write down anything you think of before you see him/her. There is no such thing as a stupid question as far as ms is concerned, try and take someone with you, don’t be put off and don’t panic nothing worse than stress for ms. Good luck and hope to hear from you again soon😝

3 weeks ago


Hi – I read your post from a month ago. In my opinion, the appointment will be a waste of time; nothing to worry about.

You need a spinal tap, blood tests plus a brain scan. Until these are done your neurologist knows nothing. They are just making an educated guess – wasting your time & theirs. Except they are collecting a big paycheck talking with you.

As @stumbler stated in your last post, walk in with written records so you do not get distracted & miss a symptom of yours that might be relevant. Walk out of there with tests set up so your Neurologist can properly analyze.

Good luck,

3 weeks ago

Watch this quick video from a good ms doctor.

3 weeks ago

Please don’t be scared, they are there to answer any question (no matter how daft you think it may be) and to find answers with you.
Write down questions that you want to to ask.
List all symptoms you feel that you’ve had, even if you think they may not be ‘related’.

I think MS trust to other valid organisations often have info or videos on what to ask or how to prepare.
If you haven’t had one already, you should ask to get an MRI done and they will probably set up blood tests. I didn’t need a spinal tap as my symptoms were pretty clear, so you may not need one once the mri has been done.

If you’re comfy having someone with you, bring them and maybe even task them with asking the questions. They maybe more pushy about asking them than you 😉

All the best

3 weeks ago

Hi nessieb73. To be honest I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’ve had problems for years and they are getting worse. My drs in surgery have more or less basically ignored what I’ve been saying. I’ve been asking for about 6yrs to see a neurologist. Eventually referred last October

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