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Hi group, Im Carol, i am new here. My dr. Is 98% sure i have ms. Just had a lumbar puncture yesterday. Waiting for the results. I have 5 lesions on my brain and alot of ms symptoms so i come to accept it . Im afraid how fast this will progress . Thanks for your group and your acceptance.

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8 months ago

Hi @birdlover and welcome.

Hopefully, the lumber puncture will provide that extra 2%, so that a definitive diagnosis can be made, then you can contemplate how to move on.

We’re all apprehensive about the speed of progression. There are just no hard and fast answers, we’re all different. But, there are a range of medications available to help slow the progress, with more in development.

There’s some good introductory reading about MS on this website. Follow the “Newly Diagnosed” button:-

In the meantime, live healthy, eat healthy and avoid stress. And, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

8 months ago

hi carol,
sorry to hear about your 98% diagnosis, but glad you found us here!
i think we all worry about progression and the future, but there is no telling, as everyone is different. try not to worry about what might be, but focus on the here and now. i know it’s easier said than done, of course.
once you have the result of the lumbar puncture and they confirm your diagnosis, it will be important to get on medication right away. there is so much out there nowadays that can really keep your ms in check. not everything works for everyone, so it will be a matter of finding out what works best for you.
i know that an ms diagnosis comes as a shock, and nobody wants to be faced with this. but many of us can manage the symptoms well. it’s important to focus on the posititives.
wishing you luck on your journey, and don’t hesitate to ask for help here, or even to vent if you feel like it!

8 months ago


Carol, I am either the perfect person to chat with or the worst… You decide what is best for you.

You need to know what type of MS you have. Until then, we are just making an educated guess with our assistance. Your personal details would help us – age, relationship, children, job, etc…

Don’t get me wrong; we have MS & are here to assist. But other than your fear, how may we help?


8 months ago

Hello @birdlover, sorry for your trauma. By the way, hopefully you feel well after your LP but it’s vital you remain laid up for a few days and rest; LP can cause major headaches which commonly tend to be worse days 2 to 5 so please rest up whilst your levels recalibrate.

Anyways, one important thing other than the above is to avoid googling and stick to official sites such as this, and MS Society. Speculation will add to stress and stress has a huge impact on our MS, even in small amounts. I think also, it’s probably good to tackle one day at a time rather than try to plan too far ahead. A potential diagnosis will take a lot of absorption and you will need to take your time. And remember, whatever is going on in your body is, or has done, has gone on already and all the worrying in the world can’t change that’s sadly. So really look after and treat yourself, take deep breaths and keep calm, and use your family, friends and Shift for lots of love and support. Please let us know how things pan out for you x

8 months ago

Hi Carol

Sorry to hear about your almost 100% certain Diagnosis, I was diagnosed before Christmas last year, my Docs / Neurologist were of a similar mindset, were not 100% certain that it definitely was MS even though the first MRI showed multiple lesions.

So, had Lumbar Puncture and more Blood tests taken… turns out I have Secondary Progressive MS….. oh the joy.

How quickly will your MS progress?…. That’s the million dollar question, no one knows how quickly or slowly. The medication you will be put on should slot it down, that’s all trial and error in itself, seeing which suits and fits you best

Good luck to you

8 months ago

Thank you all for the love, I am equally thankful I found you as well . I see my neurologist in 2 weeks. I was told to have in place a long term disability plan in effect before a diagnosis has been made . What are your thoughts . Anyone have a good insurance company they can recommend?
Thanks Carol

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