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Hi guys😳 I’m new to here I can’t really relate to anyone since I was dignosed with ms . I have no real meaning anymore apart from my son who is 11. I miss my life as everything has changed my friends gone family knows but choose to ignore no meaning at all just stuck. Thanks for listening 🙏

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9 months ago

Hi m440063, we’re here to listen, rant away all you want, but don’t get too stressed about it, it won’t do your MS any good. When your ready loads of us are here to help if we can, offer advice, friendship, whatever you want😍 Jill Xx

9 months ago

Stay positive, I know it is hard but you are not alone. Ignore the missing friends, 20% will become disabled in their own life time, now is the time to pull together, ask your family for help that is their responsibility.

9 months ago


Thank you for reaching out. Hopefully some of the following will make sense.

99% of the friends you have as a teen will be gone; more than 90% of the friends you had in your early 20’s are usually gone by the time one reaches their early 30’s. This is just a fact of life. People move, work requires time; interests and responsibilities change – I recognized this 40 years ago. It is nothing personal on either side…

What do you mean your family knows but chooses to ignore it? Are they ignoring you or ignoring talking about the disease. If the first there might be a problem; if the 2nd maybe they accept you for being you & want to treat you normal…

Regarding your son, he should be important to you. He should give your life meaning; and you should give his life meaning. Unless I am missing something.


9 months ago

@m440063 MS doesnt mean there isnt hope. It might be harder. How long have you been diagnosed? If you care to, please share a little more about yourself. Maybe there are somethings that can help.

9 months ago

Hi there, glad you have found Shift to post on. The thing is, everyone on here will have gone through some of what you have experienced. Have you looked at the map feature on here to see if anyone else is in your area? We’re you recently diagnosed? Please share some more about your situation, then it might be easier for people to offer some support and advice. Keep your chin up, and welcome!

8 months ago

Hi there hope everyone ok 😩 I am confused as sumit don’t seem right as I have ms mixed connective tissue disease I am on mycropholate 500 twice daily , I can’t make sense of this😧 I would be most grateful if anyone can make any sense if I have progressive ms remitted etc thanks 😏

8 months ago

@m440063 , I can understand your confusion as there is a lot of overlap with the symptoms of MS, Lupus and Lyme disease.

As far as MS is concerned, the following introduction to MS does go on to describe the characteristics of the various forms of MS:-

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