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Help in the heat?

Hi all,
Just wondering what everyone does out there to manage heat related heightening of symptoms.
I’m currently living in the middle of a heat wave, and I know there is a lot of stuff out there, (cold shower, air con in house, car, work, No hot meals etc.)
But seriously, I feel like I do everything right, and I still end up with increased symptoms. Esp fatigue. I have a thermometer inside but even with my air con on full bore it has lately been 25’C inside (from 40’C+ outside). But 25’C should be alright, shouldn’t it?
Very frustrating (and fatiguing!)
Last summer was not this bad for me!
MS Australia has told me just to plan my days around the weather forecast. But the forecast just says consistently hot, and I don’t want to just sit like a floppy fish on my couch for days!
And other hot-climates-MSers (or cold blooded ones) out there with some hints?
Cheers Jas

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5 years ago

@jasfromtas, I got recommended to keep my head cool, by wearing a hat that had been rinsed in cold water.
OK for a guy, but ladies have to worry about their hair-do!
There also the little handheld personal fans, which also spray a mist of water.
Just little suggestions, I hope they help.
I also hope that you’re out of the way of all the damage going on in Tasmania at the moment. It looks horrendous.

5 years ago

Thanks Stumbler.
The hair do is an issue -I have long hair currently but am considering cutting it if it would help. 🙁 would be a big change but I do want to feel better!
I have not heard of the fans you mention, is it a special fan? With a specific name (that I can look up?) hand or battery or electric powered? I like the mist idea though, might take a spray bottle to work tomorrow. 🙂

5 years ago

And thanks for your thoughts re Tassie. I have been there for 3weeks till Monday visiting family, and have now returned to Victoria. The fires are burning south of my parents house, which is safe for now, but we have a few friends who have lost homes. Hideous all round really. Just waiting for them to find everyone (hopefully safe). Very trying times.

5 years ago

H. This is how i cope with 40 plus temperatures. Living in Japan is so hard during the summer.
I have a cold bath twice a day. One in the morning and one before i sleep at night. I also keep a frozen bottle of water in my bag. This Bottle of water is kept inside a towel and the cold water keeps the towel cold. Very handy when your head feels cold. The best advice i can give is to buy an air-conditioner. I would be dead without mine.

5 years ago

@jasfromtas, I’m not telling you to change your hairstyle! 😆

But, here’s the type of small, battery operated fan that I mentioned:-

5 years ago

There are special cooling vests available the are basically gillets with pockets for cooling elements and they work brilliantly ! One set of elements in the freezer and one set in your vest ! There available online and are called cooling vests my advice would be to get a vest with as many pockets as available , you don’t need to use them all but they are there should you need them . The other thing you could do is come and join me and sit in the pool all day you look like a prune but it does work ! All the best femke

5 years ago

Wish I could offer some advice but I’m strggling with it too.The first realy hot summer I’ve experienced since diagnosis. It’s been recor breaking heat so I guess we’re all suffering.

5 years ago

Hey, I also experienced crazy symptoms from the heat this last summer. I found a number of things will help a little but nothing will completely help. Here are some of the things I did:

I was tempted to cut my hair off too, but after making my hairdresser promise never to cut it off if I come in desperate one day, I just lived with it up in a pony tail all summer.

I kept a shirt in the freezer for an instant, dry cooling, although this only lastes for a quick cool down cause the shirt will warm up quick from your body temp.

I kept an ice pack in the fridge. Again, this kept it dry and liquid but allowed me more time than the tank top in the freezer.

Stay hydrated, always drink cold water!

Keep your showers as cool as possible.

I made and started selling on etsy, cooling neck wraps. They’re thin and wrap around your neck. The only catch is that they’re wet so they’re best to use if you need to work out in the yard or go walking, work out, etc. But they’re easier to wear than a vest.

I’m going to make a large, flat pad/blanket type thing filled with flax for next summer. I hear that flax will keep cool for a while and I figure this might help with issues I have with heat while having sex (Ok, I’ll just be blunt).

Also good for times you need to “exert energy” and know you’re going to heat up, I found that eating a popsicle, frozen yogurt, or ice cream just before helps.

Those are all the things I learned this last summe. I have a couple more months before it starts warming up again! Yes!

5 years ago

I live in the south of France and cooling vest sound cumbersome but it works for about four hours on one lot of cooling elements .they are not the hard ones for a cool box they are the soft ones that you normally use for injuries . I was told to do the opposite to you drink hot tea to get your own body cooling system working ..tried it for the first time last year and it did help I also fill hot water bottles with water and put them in my bed after they spent the day in the freezer my record was five of them last year when it was forty six degrees . We have also installed arco ready for this summer ! With us the temps are only really bad for about six weeks the rest of the time I really enjoy the temp here ! Good luck jat721 with your summer ! Femke xx

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