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Help – Clarification Needed!

Hi All

I had a bout of optic neuritis in Sept last year and the subject of me having MS has cropped up. I had an MRI, VEP and nerve conduction and just received results through.

Can someone decipher for me!

‘Her MRI scan of the brain demonstrated hyperintensity of the left optic nerve consistent with previous optic neuritis. There were also three supratentorial lesions and one of these did enhance. There was no abnormality in the cervical cord.

There was a delay in the left VEP consistent with a left optic neuritis.

With respect to her outstanding blood tests, the serum ACE was normal. Her autoimmune profile including MOG and aquaporin-4 antibodies was negative.

Her nerve conduction studies have also excluded a coexistent ulnar neuropathy.’

I have to have a lumbar puncture (yay!)

Are 3 lesions a lot?
There are no lesions on the spinal cord – what does this mean if I have only brain lesions?

Is this indicative of MS? Or unofficial MS (as there is no lesions on the cord? Will they need to compare this MRI to a further one at some point in the future?

Will I be put on any DMDs?

From my basic understanding is that I am likely to develop into ‘official ms’ at some point in the future but I’ll just have to wait and see?

Sorry for the all the questions! I think I may have answered some of them myself! 😀

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1 year ago

@mightymichymac , Medical Professionals do like to use their own language. Perhaps it makes them feel important.

But, it’s down to a Neurologist to place these jigsaw pieces together, to interpret what the final picture is. The Lumber Puncture may provide the final, important piece.

We can’t forecast what the Neuro might see, but I think you’ll appreciate that the “writing on the wall” seems to be there. However, Neuros have to be absolutely sure, as once a diagnosis is given, it can’t be ungiven.

Will you be put on DMDs? Well, maybe you will be asked to consider some options on this front.

On one final note, you may be expecting a diagnosis of MS, but it can still come as a shock. Just give yourself time to sit down and reflect. We can help with what it may and may not mean, so keep us updated and we can help you maintain a good sense of perspective.

1 year ago

Hi ,

You will need to speak to a neurologist and hopefully they can explain it to you .

3 lesions isn’t a lot but it isn’t about how many you have but more about where they are and the size of them . I had 11 on MRI and didn’t know I had MS.
The enhanced lesion means your MS is active so I would expect them to offer you DMD s so worth looking into your choices .
This is only my opinion and every neuro has different ways of dealing with things so I’m unable to answer about further MRIs

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