rubeus7777 20/03/18
Last reply 3 months ago
Hello Everybody : )

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!! It could a bit hard sometimes, but we endorse the pain and support one another to we grow past these ailments and we will. Just know matter what, we are still the people that we were before we just embrace different obstacles. I’m just glad that we have these beautiful support group and I love you all. : )

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4 months ago

Hi rubeus7777
Had a busy day. Came home and collapsed in the bed. Gets old trying to fake it all time. It is good to know there is a support group out there. Good peoples.

4 months ago

Hello Aabreu
We are there for eachother no matter what. I’m a bit exhausted too, but we’ll pretend we are spell that will only last for a lil while. I hope you get some really good rest

4 months ago

I meant “embrace*

4 months ago

Started a second job and already feeling the anxiety from lack of time for myself, to rest, and to do things to take care of me, but I have no other choice. I must make enough money to pay my bills. Sitting here at midnight, needing to get clothes to lay out for tomorrow, decide and prep a lunch to pack, and rinse and fill the humidifier, but since arriving home at 11 after time with partner, I have done nothing but rest and be online.

Hoping to adjust as I’m able. Glad for the friendly, supportive, folks to relate to here. 🙂

4 months ago

@daybyday , stick with it. New jobs involve a fair amount of familiarisation. This should come quickly as time goes by and should reduce the initial anxiety of a new position. 😉

4 months ago

I’m not anxious about the job itself, but the lack of time outside work to rest and do things for myself. I worked part time before by circumstance after I had two contracts end at year’s end. But that work allowed me to work full time hours but only 12 a week we’re outside home.

I realized a while back that working from home is the best option for me, and hope I can get back to that.

I’m very sensitive and I take in everything so now tha I have two part time office jobs it leaves me quite drained. I could use a nap right now, badly tired, but almost 4 hours to go yet.

4 months ago

sorry to keep going on but I was given medication 10yrs+ to help with fatigue. It doesn’t work for everybody but there are a few available to ms ers. I personally couldn’t be without my AMANTADINE. All you fatigued friends should enquire with your GPs who can look in their mims( as we often know more). What meds you can try.

3 months ago

Drama queen,
I will definitely keep those options in mind.

Daybyday, All that preparation you got going on at least you’re are constantly active and enjoy the support of the group’s after a day of events. It always feels good to vent and talk about how your day went.

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