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i am just after joining this community today and i would just like to say a hello to all. firstly this is very NOT me. i do not do social media or put my life/problems out there but i recently went through round 1 of Lemtrada treatment and it was this site and all ye guys whom got me through it, so i o ye, and so i am now with ye on the journey wherever we end up…
i was diagnosed 6 years ago and my body has been hammered ever since. on advise from my neuro i went down the Lemtrada road and am 2 weeks post round 1. i have all the mixed bag of symptoms-balance issues, weakness in the legs, bladder issues, numbness, tingling, and of course the great MS fatigue. i have been through rounds of steroids over the few years and all that comes with this “mad man juice”….. i meditate daily, i strive to always be in control of my mind and thoughts (which is the bigger battle) and i get on with it.
i have tried all the diets out there and other things and i have come to my own conclusion on these. my mantra is “if it makes you happy – go for it” Everyone has their own way in dealing with this condition and everyone is different but i have in the past 6 years come full circle and have been like everyone hear through some dark nights of the soul.

anyway post Lemtrada is going well. if i can help in any way just ask. to everyone on this site with MS “our day in the sun is coming”

even-though i was not apart of shift MS until today i thank you all for getting me through the past 3 weeks with your posts……….

Onwards we go….. Duff

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1 year ago

Hi @highflyingbird , you’re most welcome. I’m glad we’ve managed to help you along your particular way.

I look forward to the sunshine, especially at this time of year. šŸ™‚

1 year ago

Hello you, what a lovely post! I know all about those dark nights of the soul, I may have even met you there a few times! I never wanted any thing to do with social media until I got diagnosed his year and found Shift. Being part of a community. Feeling like you belong somewhere is an irreplaceable feeling. My mantra is a bit similar ‘….whatever it takes to get you through….’ (those dark nights of the soul) Here we all are, onwards and upwards, let’s see what new developments 2018 brings, hey…..Good luck with the Lemtrada xx

1 year ago

Cheers guys
If enough of us get together, we might be able to shine a light on them shadows in them dark nights…..

Thank you … onwards we go….

1 year ago

Hi, great reading the posts. Iā€™m imbetween Treatments and have been told for 2nd set of infusion they will be done on a daily admission basis . I have an hour drive to and from the hospital but worried if this is possible for 3 days. Any ideas, thanks

1 year ago

Welcome to the forum. I can’t tell you how much inner joy I get from helping people on the forum. I don’t know anything about Lemtrada but with your newly acquired knowledge you will be able to help others that are on the same treatment path. Potter

1 year ago

@cijh it does wipe you out and with the steroids depriving you of sleep I wouldn’t drive during treatment. Do you have other options? public transport (not ideal), someone driving you or best one: a hotel near your hospital. Take care x

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