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Health insurance advice please

Hi all, so I have this health insurance, from before diagnosis. Renewal is up in a week. I’m told it could cover physio resulting from MS, depending on the nature of the referral. Has anyone used their health insurance, and if so, how has it helped? How long are NHS physio waiting lists?

This is an important decision, since if I cancel and want insurance in the future, then I’ll have a pre-existing condition. Any thoughts appreciated.

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4 years ago

That’s an interesting question, @chunes .

You’ll find that your health insurance has limited cover for chronic conditions. i.e. they won’t continually pay out for your MS because it won’t get better.

It’s best to try and find out from them exactly what and how far they would cover you for things like Physio for MS, etc.

As far as physio is concerned, I’m fairly fortunate down here in West Sussex. My healthtrust/CCG has a team that supports Neuro cases in the community. That includes physio, incontinence and a few other areas. They are available at fairly short notice, dependent on the circumstances.

However, as far as health insurance is concerned, MS may be a grey area. But, having MS doesn’t preclude you from having other health conditions. 😉

4 years ago

That’s helpful, thanks @stumbler.

What other cover have people benefited from, apart from physio? I imagine it’s hard to predict…

I’m leaning towards knocking it on the head. The irony is that I got the cover after my clinically isolated ON, so that I could get attention quickly if needed – but then I ended up in A&E…!! 😐

4 years ago

Isn’t hindsight overrated, @chunes ?

I used to have private healthcare through my job. It helped to finance a urological situation, where wading through the NHS porage was becoming too frustrating.

I also got them to agree to fund the first 6 weeks of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment, but never progressed that.

They’d probably fund initial consultations, but won’t commit themselves to anything long term for a chronic, incurable condition.

But, you do have to consider whether you can afford, and desire, cover for any other little surprises that life may, or may not, throw at you. 😉

4 years ago

What I was told by BUPA (my work’s provider of health insurance) is that once I was diagnosed they could do nothing for me if it was related to the MS itself BUT if anything went wrong that arose temporarily (during a relapse for example) if that required physiotherapy or something that could be some help provided. I thus far have steered clear of getting involved with that because it seems too complicated to navigate.

During diagnosis they offered to get me an appointment with a neurologist and MRI scan at the London hospital of neurology but the consultant I could have seen wasn’t available for a few weeks, nhs actually was quicker in this instance, so don’t give up on nhs every time

3 years ago

Thanks @stumbler and @thecuriosity I agree, the NHS can be very good. It’s the waiting times (18 weeks for physio here, I’m told…) that can be a problem. Luckily for me, my wife is training as a physio… (:

3 years ago

Think carefully about this. I used BUPA for my dx – got initial neuro appointment, then five days in hospital for all the tests. My cover includes physio. In theory, what has been posted about insurance and chronic conditions is accurate – however MS can lead to complications which then need attention.Thanks to poor gait and some falls, I developed musculo-skeletal problems. First came a bad back, which worsened to the extent that I needed physio to ease it (BUPA funded). Then I had a further fall, which resulted in a slipped disc. I had injections for that after an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon (BUPA funded). It wasn’t improving so I then had to have a discectomy (BUPA funded). I have used my BUPA physio annual allowance some but not all years since dx, in each case for something musculo-skeletal, which wouldn’t have been necessary if MS hadn’t cause me to fall. It doesn’t come cheap but the reassurance that you can get quick treatment with a specialist of your choice is worth it for me.

3 years ago

Thanks @cameron. In fact the conclusion I came to earlier today was that it’s daft to cancel a few months after diagnosis. I’ll review next year. It’s pretty basic cover so I may even up it…..

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