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Hi folks, I’m new here and recently diagnosed officially with rrms. I’m on no meds yet and I’m due to see my Neurologist in a few weeks to talk about what she plans to put me on. I was sent a pack from the MS nurse about a bajillion different meds, nothing on support or any more info. ( I only found here as my Mum went to a meeting in Scotland ) I am dyslexic so i found it very difficult to read all the crap sent to me and have put it aside until I speak to my Dr.

I guess my question is, as silly as it may be, I have been suffering from headaches, quite specificly on the right side of my head. sometimes thy are sharp or more like that hangover feeling, or in a tiny area like a twitch. Has anyone else had this?
Is this a symptom, a new lesion, scar tissue or just a plain old headache and being paranoid?
I was told I have two new lesions after my last MRI but not where or what thy may do but they are ”significant in size”.
I would have had to occasional tension headache after somthing stressful.
Maybe my brain is stressing out for me. lol

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4 years ago

Hi @LadyCaroline ,

Here’s a short piece about MS and headaches:-

Although, if you are worried and stressing about what’s going on, then this could give rise to tension headaches.

Now, worry and stress seems to be a major antagonist of MS and are best avoided. Now, I know that a recent diagnosis is not the best background to avoid stress and worry, but they are negative emotions that have no positive attributes.

So, just be kind to yourself whilst this news is being understood.

4 years ago

Thank you Stumbler 🙂

4 years ago

Hi @LadyCaroline

Unfortunately the site is black on white, which is not great for people with some types of dyslexia, but if you have screen filters for your dyslexia, MS Society Canada is a brilliant site to learn about MS:

And it includes a graphic which helped me understand my MS (PRMS)

Stumbler’s right though, if you can avoid stress, it’ll help.

It’ll seem dark for a while, but you’ll end up laughing at it, I promise 😉

4 years ago

Thanks adam1407, I have a pair of rather attractive purple glasses that help to a certain extent.
I will have a look at those link too.
Thanks for commenting.

4 years ago

Hi, Another cause of M.S. headaches is trimeginal nuralgia type pain, if you have the pain on one said of the head. As with other M.S. pain, there are a number of meds that help with this neurological pain: Amatriptaline / gabapentin. I hope your neurologist sorts you out, but perhaps your g.p. would help start you on one of these before then. I would get some tumeric capsules and see if they can help at all. Other than that, take anti inflammatory pain killers, ibrufen type and although you can only take them every four hours, you can take paracetamol after 2 and that is also an anti inflammatory. Let us know how you get on. Jx

4 years ago

Thanks judy-gy, I’ll mentions this to my Neuro next week.
I saw some topics on turmeric but I haven’t read into it much.
The headaches are almost daily now so I’m willing to try anything!

4 years ago

I have a horrible pain in the right side back of head just up from neck, but it goes away when I go to bed lie down with head on pillow? Perhaps I should just stay in bed?? Lol.

4 years ago

I will let you know what feed back i get next week. I may be of use to you also Graham100 🙂

4 years ago


I’ve had my headache for around 3 days now, they come & go all the time sometimes lasting a day to 2 weeks, am use to them now. I do take gabapentin & this don’t help my headache (it really helps my legs & feet).

Just try & relax & don’t worry about it as it will only make them worst, lots of is are going through it aswell (your not alone) have a lay down for a while. You will become kinda used to them in time.

Take care.

4 years ago

Hi @LadyCaroline! As you, I was recently diagnosed with MS (Clinical Isolated Syndrome most recently, by my second neurologist, and RRMS by my first) and I am currently on no treatment yet. In November, I am scheduled for my lumbar puncture and hopefully by Christmas (and my birthday on 22) all things will be in place.

I experienced hedaches after my 5 days with corticisteroid i.v., also on my right side. That is the place on my brain that they found the lesions and my right eye had optic neuritis – the symptom that triggered it all. As I am writing this post, I have tingling sensations on the right top-back side of my head. Nothing to worry about, as I am also on my PMS :))

I tend to treat headaches with a lot of rest, relaxation and painkillers such as Nurofen. Most of all, try not to stress about it, as that can only worsen your overall status, as @stumbler said before me. A good laugh might help too! 😉

If you need any type of advice or just want to talk, I’ll be glad to lend a hand.

All the best wishes!

4 years ago

I actually get headaches that focus on the right side as well. For a while there it was every day, they seemed to have calmed down a bit recently though. I was told it was a migraine type headache and they just gave me some pain meds for it, which I try not to take, because they just make me feel even foggier than I already am!

Hope you get some answers soon 🙂

4 years ago

I woke up with no headache today! hooray! 😀

I also got a letter this morning saying I will be started on meds next month, once I’ve seen my neuro next week.
I will still be mentioning this to her and see what she says it could be.

Thanks for all the comments, its nice to know I’m not the only one! And I’m not being paranoid or crazy!

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