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Having trouble going wee :( embarrassed

I can’t seem to pass much when I go to the
loo .tho feel like I really want to go . Only little bit will come out
.. After iv been feeling of wanted to go will wear off .. Tho do think I need to go more . Iv got no pain etc … has This happened to anyone else .I Know you might be bit embarrassed by talking about it … . But Im.Hoping someone will help me on this

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4 years ago

@po38 I don’t think anyone gets to embarrassed on here really as we all have similar problems.

Ok I have this issue, I get embarrassed when I’m out and need t go. I bet people think I’m in the toilet doing the other but it’s not it’s my bladder either freezes and nothing or a little and then nothing. I find that taking time on the toilet works until I feel I’m empty. 5 mins 15 mins whatever it takes, like I say when I’m out its more of an issue so I tend to give up quicker x

4 years ago

Here’s a good starting point to read up on this subject :-

You may want to see if you can get a referral to Urology, so that they can check you out and see which problem you have.

4 years ago

Mabe different being male, but I use self catheter it’s probably easier for a man, but if you can do it the feeling of relief is great, and if I’m going out I use so can be comfortable till get home,, sometimes. Like everything it gets easier after the 1st time.

4 years ago

Hi,I know this problem. I find gently prodding the area just below the belly button really helps. I know men and women are different (Men have bigger brains) but hopefully this will help you, best wishes,Neil

4 years ago

Hi @ po38 I’m suffering from the same problem and have been for a good while the only way I can make sure I go is by drinking lots of water but even then sometimes it’s not easy to go fortunately I’ve an appointment to see an urologist tomorrow and hopefully he’ll be able help me. All the best trying get it sorted out I know it can be really uncomfortable and frustrating good luck.

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