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Having the flu

Dear all,

I woke up this morning with a very bad case of stomach flu. I also have high-ish fever.

My MS nurse said that this raises the chances of my relapsing and of my old symptoms coming back.

This is the first time after my diagnosis that I am getting sick. I really don’t want to relapse! My old symptoms had to do with my eyes so it’s really a very important matter to me to not let this come back. : s

Could you please share any advice of how to avoid relapsing while having the flu?

Thank you very very much for any input it will be more than appreciated

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11 months ago

Hello lovely, well raising the chances isn’t the same as saying it will happen. Sadly, there’s nothing any of us can do to prevent relapses other than optimising our chances not to through careful living. Needless to say, you must rest and drink all the time. And eat too, of course. Don’t think about working and make sure that just because you start to feel better, that you don’t rush recovery. I’ve found that my body takes longer to bounce back since being diagnosed even if I ‘feel’ normal. I see that you’re already taking Copaxone so this should be working behind the scenes to reduce signs of a possible relapse. I had a similar thing last October having been diagnosed and was lucky that I didn’t relapse. Fingers crossed and get well soon x

11 months ago

@miapi , any infection, which activates your compromised immune system, is likely to cause a “pseudo-exacerbation”.

As the name implies, this is like a relapse in that old symptoms might re-surface or get worse. But, this worsening of symptoms should recover as soon as the underlying infection is resolved and your immune system quietens down.

Did you have the flu jab? We’re eligible as we fall in a vulnerable group.

11 months ago

Hello @vixen,

Thanks very much for your kind reply.
I am doing exactly what you said, I just made myself some nice soup and my boyfriend is on his way to here so he can help me a bit. : )

The MS nurse told me that trying to keep our temperature down while having the flu is crucial for us with this diagnosis, so I am also trying to do that.

Thank you as well for the quick reply. A pseudo-exacerbation definitely sounds better than a real one..
I did have the jab. Unfortunately I share an apartment with housemates (I live in Amsterdam where the housing situation is a bit crazy), and two of them had the flu.. so 😬

Let’s hope all goes well x

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