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2 years ago

Yes, I do use it & personally I find small amounts ever so often does help me,
whether it’s a medical benefit or just a chill you out (as stress does affect my symptoms) I wouldn’t pick a side, However
That being said if you have no experience of dope I wouldn’t suddenly pick it up, there are different types & some are stronger than others, so it’s difficult to measure & it can bring on paranoia, depression & many other weird side effects,
there are medical versions giving the benefits without the high, which some of the guys on here use – so I’d suggest you find out about them.


2 years ago

I myself have been taking dried medical cannabis and cannabis oil for about a year now.
Although I take cannabis oil for muscle spasms and for its anti-inflamatory properties I take dried cannabis for its psychological/emotional effects. I don’t have to tell some of you out there just how difficult it can get to deal with all of the MS symptoms and the way that MS can ruin your life. Well suffice it to say that dried cannabis and THC helps and helps considerably…

2 years ago

I am very happy with edibles high in CBD’s. The THC in cannabis is what causes the “high” you get when using it. The CBD’s in cannabis are where MS patients get the most benefits. CBD’s are proven anticonvulsants and anti-inflammatory compounds. They combat nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, nuerodegenerative disorders, and psychosis disorders. CBD’s have been proven well tolerated and safe, even at high doses. Pain and inflammation have both been proven to respond to cannabis treatment with reduction of both. I have also found cannabis very helpful for getting to sleep. THC and CBD compounds have a synergistic effect, when they are both present at therapeutic levels. They work better together than alone. Ingesting cannabis means the “high” comes on slowly, as it moves through the digestion process, the effects last a lot longer, you avoid irritation of the respiratory tract, and ease an upset stomach. My nuerologist is a strong supporter of ingesting cannabis as a treatment for my MS and I have been very happy with the results.

2 years ago

Hi, I take medical cannabis high in CBD with a vaporizer I find its easier to regular than ingesting it, it helps me sleep and with pain

2 years ago

Hello, I am taking Dronabinol ( marinol) 2.5mg 2-3x/day. My Neuro D/C’d my Zanaflex D/T increase of my liver function. The Dronabinol Really helps me with my leg spasms/pain.

2 years ago

I have the occasional herbal cigarette and it helps with the sensory disruption to my left hand (although that is felt to be related to a Chiari Malformation these days rather than MS)
I don’t want to be ‘stoned’ I really don’t like that feeling at all hence why it’s only occasionally because what I can get my hands on is certainly not ‘medicinal quality’ and the goody goody in me does hold back because of the legal status.
I do use CBD Brothers Canibinoidoil (sp?) Blue edition Oil on a regular basis though which helps hugely and is legal even if it is a little pricey xxx

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