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Have had few falls in the office.

Hi everyone.
I wanted to ask how you feel about this. I have gotten an incredible chance to work at a really great company. I have been doing okay, but today I had a fall again at work.

I don’t care about the falls myself, but I feel that my work colleagues have to see too many of them. I have ordered a wheelchair, but that has not arrived yet. The falls have happened a lot less after working there for the first six months.

I want to know if others have been in similar situations at work? I am not sure how I should feel myself about the whole thing.

I enjoy the work, though it is taking all of my energy at the moment. So I don’t want to leave, but I don’t want to bother my colleagues either.

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8 months ago

@daedana , if your falls have reduced after six months in the job, then this is probably down to a reduction in stress levels as you became accustomed to the job.

Just my thoughts……..

8 months ago

I believe that you are right about that @stumbler.

I just hope that the whole thing with the falls would stop. But anyway getting a new position and moving with a condition can be seen as an achievement in my mind already. 🙂

8 months ago

@daedana absolutely it is an achievement – well done. Take care of yourself and I wouldn’t worry about coworkers. They are not the ones falling. Workplaces are to be inclusive for all. Do what keeps you safe and keep enjoying what you do.

8 months ago

I really hate it when I fall at work as my colleagues seem to regard it as more serious than i do and insist on getting the first aider in. meanwhile, I’m just saying it’s ok, it happens all the time. They have put together a written policy about who should help and what they should do. That’s helpful to me as my falls are no longer a spectacle attracting all staff and it’s helpful to my colleagues as they don’t all feel responsible to help me.

8 months ago

Thanks for the support @staying-connected and @gerbil.

These comments really help me with the situation. It is very frustrating when you usually try to explain the situation to people and they just have no idea. The support from here is really helpful as I know that people here understand the situation.

I feel that it is getting a lot easier with colleagues that I know and I believe that it is only going to get better with time. I just felt really depressed after the fall and getting support there was really important. 🙂

8 months ago

@daedana you sound like a highly motivated go getter! You would be an asset to the team. So you have MS, it’s only one small part that makes you you. Don’t let MS define you, go for what you want and let your talents shine 🙂

8 months ago

Wow brilliant a job that you really enjoy!!! Thats rare ☺
It might be a good idea to communicate with your colleagues about your reality.
Its not digestible in policy form.
Don’t worry about other people at this point…make a plan that will work for you and ask them for this.
They will be very happy to oblige I’m sure 😊

5 months ago

I basically solved the problem by getting a wheelchair. I think that this is going to kill all of the leg muscles that I have, but at least is eases the mind of couple of the people who had problems with it.

I find it to be a huge decision for me. Now thinking about it I am really proud that I was able to admit that I would need this at all.

5 months ago

Hi Dardanelles it’s great that it seems to be working out, but don’t think that your legs will atrophy. If you’ve been forced into getting a wheelchair for work go for a stretch behind the chair, lean on it and go for a short walk, it’s great for example at stretching the muscles, makes you feel good, it’s good for your colleagues to see you in more ‘normal circumstances’ If you have a job and enjoy it, make the most of it, being in a chair is no detriment. I assume that you have to move around the office, i.e. loo, meetigs, coffee, conferring with colleagues, falling won’t happen at all if you do these things in the chair and the stress will be reduced!😍

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