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Happy as a pig in its own excrement

So you lucky people you, today the dubster has his diagnosis, I’m afraid it’s bad news for you lot your now stuck with me as I’m lesioned off me tits and now I am a official msdebator. It’s a honour to have met you all you’ve kept me going and kept me laughing now I’m officially part of the ms raving crew let’s feckin Avvvv ittttt!!!

To new beginnings my new pals, it’s time for a fresh start, new house has been applied for already on the help to buy we await a response, fecking pip form is about to be filled in on a rushed job and it’s time to grow up a little bit and get a few things in order like finances at last (big hairy ballax to growing up too much tho).

It’s not the end of the world I’m still here and will be for years to come. Stay possative tell negative Nelly to munch on a phat one coz she is a **** (fill in the blanks yourself) who none of us need in our lives.

Off to celebrate by eating a big phat cake ? Because iv been up to me arsehole in alligators and come out relatively unscathed.

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2 years ago

Welcome to the club… I wish it wasn’t so for your sake but at last you know what is going on now. Take care and try not to let it get you down.

2 years ago

Thanks @hels99 I’m genuinely happy after having been tested for all sorts of sinister Shite it’s been a long journey and I genuinely thought I’d be in my nesting box next year. I have a young family and I still get to see them grow up, I’m not the same as I was a year and a half ago but that’s not the point I’m still here Can’t ask for more than that. The way I am now mentally is the way I’m going to stay, that’s positive, no matter what my ms journey throws at me. Il never go back to the person I used to be when I was younger. I suffered from depression from about 18 onwards, right upto my mid 20s struggled through it on my own, Got through some very dark days and learnt a lot about myself in reflection. that’s another story tho. But I suppose if anyone else is reading they may understand me a bit better now, there will be some that think what a insensitive cock end ? I’m aware that there are people with depression here etc you’ll all get through it you just need to find something to focus on (my focus is my kids).

Enough of that soppy ballax anyway I’m off te werk have a good day people ✌️

2 years ago

Well @doubleo7hud, finally got some internet, network thingy, was wondering since 2.30 yesterday how things went for you……I guess you geared yourself & those around you for the news, shocking as it is, so sorry to have that news turn out the way it did. I like a lot of folk here, are grateful for your black & white attitude, your humour & sense of the ridiculous. Keep going my friend, you sound like you have had to ‘deal’ with what life sh**y pathway (Many whirly fans seemed to be involved, past & present), have to throw….methinks you have it in spades to ‘deal’ now…All the best with the move & stay ‘focused’ on the good. @Red Suzuki

2 years ago

[email protected] Welcome aboard the MyStry train (officially)

when life hands you a lemon – add salt & tequilla

muuuhahahaha! no post threads are safe from the Northern Mafia now πŸ˜€

2 years ago

Welcome to Da’Club with your membership confirmed.

Now get yourself on a big arsed treatment and go kick the poop out of your MS. you might ‘have’ IT but you don’t have to tollerate it’s progression unchecked

πŸ™‚ xxx

2 years ago

Cheers dudes rock out with yer cocks out

2 years ago

Ain’t that the truth ! Tog and double007! Funny as fcuk you pair

It is still a shit turn of events, 007
Gatted for you mate – but if anyone can handle it – you can

You will be a pain in the arse for the next few days, whilst Anger, fear, and all the other helpful emotions come visiting…

But there’s lots of things to be cracking on with to keep your mind occupied…

Like spending time with your beautiful family and trying to forget about it while you’re subconscious gets a handle on it all

The great thing about kids is that they keep you in the moment and you might even be able to get another cake out of mrs double007?
I’m not going to go into too much detail, but sexual favours/massages/getting pissed with your mates and talking shite – but these things do also help as well!
Mrs 007 will be feeling it too, so maybe she might appreciate a bit of that

Kids films/games/funny things they do is much more of a tonic than chuffing a load of medicine and driving yourself nuts with the what ifs?

And when you are ready you can trevail the fun that is getting pip/esa etc getting the extension will take the pressure off – but just remember to photo copy everything and turn up to your assessment dirty jog pants, non lace up shoes and a wheelchair if you can manage it – you don’t get any points for being brave here and as I have said before reality is mere perception – The pip gestapo are looking for excuses not to give it to you – so don’t give them any.

Having an incurable and degenerative illness doesn’t count for as much as not being able to tie your shoe laces in the morning dontcha know

You get the esa from the DWP so them a call – there is a certain sense of satisfaction from knowing your Ni number off by heart
(It’s the little things kidda)

And then there is the water board – they give a discount to disabled people (although we are not actually dis-abled – still very able, thank you very much – but when in Rome…)

There is also gas and Leckie, (same as above)
And of course the disabled badge! I think that you can apply for this online – my mother got mine for me, she’s been dead nine years! I.e. I don’t know how you go about it now…. but it is so worth it. You can abandon your car on double yellow lines, you don’t have to buy a ticket at council carparks and the supermarket shop is way easier

And the waterworks issues are a pain as well. However there are various things that they can help you with
betmiga it’s a fancy expensive drug that they don’t really like giving out much – but it does calm
down the waterworks.

Desmopressin nasal spray also stops the nocturnal trips , it works on your pituitary gland to tell your brain that you are asleep, and so don’t want to be up all night pissing. (I know that you are probably up half the night with the Beautiful tiny person who you made with gorgeous wife – but I think it would be a bit easier if you didn’t spend half of that sitting (down lol)
on the loo

You need to get all the rest you can mate, look after yourself and keep The brain cells busy – even if its only to have a face off with The chaser (A funny quiz show
In Blighty)

… and just keep on focusing on all the things you can do, not what you can’t. Being grateful in a world of shit is hard, but it can be done.

As one door slams, a window opens.
You need a blog dude! You are super funny and need to share with the world – like a messiah!

And you’re far too young to hide away – get on the stand-up circuit…. plan that holiday to Florida, but bucket list going dude and remember that you are not alone and that we are all secretly pleased that we will still have the benefit of your presence on shift

That’s probably enough for now!

When you are ready, you can debate the dmds and all that

Sending love light and magical sparklies to light your
way – like the ikle northern star that you are
(don’t fcuking forget that )

2 years ago

She don’t post much – but when she does – it is pure genius

2 years ago

I do try darlin…and am also very trying (bovver’d – not)
I like fretting/getting my tuppance worth in – it takes my mind off my own s-ite

Speaking of which – where the Divil is

I worry about all you boys – but stumbler is a daily regular dose of pragmatic sanity here, doesn’t swear and is really helpful, with helpful stuff….it’s not like him??

Shout out to @stumbler !!

STUMBLER!!!! U r missed
Just let us know u are ok mate – you are the cornerstone of shift dontcha know

(Now that we are sorta family we have to look after each other)

2 years ago

@mermaidia11 , Stumbler is OK. He’s just been locked out of Shift, following the recent technical problems. And, it’s proving difficult to fix. Hence this Username. πŸ˜•

But, thanks for thinking of me. If I had been a couple of degrees under, you would have made me feel a whole lot better. β™₯

2 years ago

Welcome to the party ?

2 years ago

@mermaidia11 still none of the emotions have come knocking as I’m too busy for them they can kiss me hairy Yorkshire arse anyway. The sexual favours can wait till miss 1 and master 2 year old are at school with master 6 year old iv only used me pecker three times and it’s hit the target ?? ? That’s not a 1.1 scale model it’s smaller bu hahahar. The colour is correct tho sure it’s normal to have a purple tallywhacker with a green ? end???? ?Oooo that looks like me MRI anyway thanks for the effort of writing that massive message most of mine that long take hours mostly due to waffling on like a loon iv taken notes on me iPhone ? on things iv not looked into claiming thanks for the tip ? And I think I may go in fancy dress to me pip just to be different. Bucket list is now on hold as I’m gonna be alive more than a year and as for the stand up it will be more like sit down comedy or fall over lol ? your not first person tho to mention a blog I’m just trying to work out how to make money from it so I can work from home ? he he thanks again mermaid and everyone else in the ejit appreciation society ✌️

Good news today iv got me new house so when I’m not working iv been looking at carpets and boring shite like curtains iv decided I’m having the downstairs toilet as me man cave mrs 007 is getting me a disablist sign for it too bless her. A fecking downstairs loo tho I think iv made it at last.

2 years ago

Heehee….well great news about the new hovel… keep the lady 007 happy think cushions….why I don’t know, but a guaranteed winner, along with curtains

2 years ago

@red-suzuki id rather just go for a scoop (pint) I think I castrated mesen and grew a vajayjay after the third bambino.

2 years ago

Tee Hee……3 bambino’s……erm…..I sure I read Somewhere, you were nearly 30, but going on 10………neat trick πŸ˜‰

2 years ago

@red-suzuki always wonderd why a Suzuki what’s wrong with a Harley. Iv always wanted one of them

2 years ago

Sorry for delay….as they have only just got the wonders of electricity in this village have just finally found a way in to reply hopefully doubleo7hud….Always been a twin fan…… accounting for taste…….started with Triumph Bonnevilles, then had a BMW RS for a bit…….did everything brilliantly, but bored the begezzus of me, so got a Motor Guzzi Le Mans….brilliant bike, but un-belivably unreliable… then partner & i went the Suzy route, She got the smaller docile 650s & got the rip snorting ‘widow-maker’ TL1000s, 35.000 miles & as reliable as they come….me gods that could move & if you behaved did 70+ mpg….alas with the drawing of MS dx, it had to go, couldn’t afford to keep falling of it when I tried to stop at junctions etc….

With my MS thought about 3 wheels & Have found pretty much the best trikes are Harley powered, but they are price wise so far out of my reach…shame as I’d love one…do miss the exhilaration of 2 wheels…had one officially since 16, until 54….so not a bad run, with no claims or any speeding tickets :-}…..hope your first week officially dx’d has been as good as it can be….Red Suzuki

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