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Green tea ?!

Hi guys .. Just asking if anyone else has tried this ? Amazing green tea !!!!! I Decided like 99% of us women to diet after Christmas trying to get rid of a few pounds…. kilos I probably mean :@ looking on Internet as you do for tips and came across green tea ,Ive never been into herbal or holistic nonsense but on checking it was suitable with my meds for my heart as I can’t really take much for my Ms because of my ticka ,came across a study for Ms with green tea ! Didn’t believe it too much as with many things proclaiming to be great for Ms … But I have to say I’ve been drinking it 3x a day for 5 days now and I feel great my fatigue has massively reduced and I have not had any pain meds for 3 days which for me is unheard of .. I’ve been off copaxone for 3 yrs and been on a slow decline with my Ms .It may just be a coincidence but I’d thought I’d let you all know what I’ve experienced with drinking green tea .

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3 years ago

Interesting! Keep us posted – it will be good to know if the benefits continue. I dislike the taste but if it can have a positive effect, I’d persevere!

3 years ago

I add a little lemon juice for taste really makes a difference .

3 years ago

I’ve never heard that, but I love green tea! I drink it almost every day already, but you’ve given me a reason to even more! I love a jasmine green tea, and sometimes put a little lemon and honey in it as well. Yum!

3 years ago

@magi green tea has lots of benefits, I’ve tried it but don’t like the taste. However, after reading this I may give it another go. It does contain caffeine so maybe that contributes to extra energy?
You said you came off Copaxone 3 years ago and have declined- is the decline from not being on meds or are you on a different med now?

3 years ago

Not on any meds for my Ms ..and have dramatically reduced my caffeine intake since drinking green tea….early days yet but I really couldn’t function without 7-8 cups of strong coffee before 4pm and was in bed by 7pm before drinking green tea. Im not naive to thinking that I’ve stumbled across a miracle …and I still have numbness and memory issues but my fatigue and pain has improved massively ..

3 years ago

I will try green tea. Iv stopped drinking tea, gone right of it. One cup/mug coffee (black) lunch time, and 2ltr, of water through the day. Only resent so no real results yet. Not sure about fatigue? I never feel like going to sleep, but do struggle to move/walk etc. That can make me feel exhausted. If fatigue is just falling asleep when you don’t want to?? Don’t happen.

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