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Got MRI and awaiting results

hi everyone, I’m a 27 year old female, not diagnosed with anything. I’ve been having odd symptoms since beginning of February and it’s very intermittent. Numbness in my left leg and tremors in my right hand and vision blurriness. I also am experiencing dizziness pretty severe since I passed out 4 times since it’s all started. I just had my MRI Tuesday and of course I know nothing. I got a copy (because I’m making myself crazy) and I noticed I have a lot of white spots on my brain and spine. I don’t know if they are lesions or anything, but upon talking to the doctor about the results I was told that the doctor needs to discuss them with me next week. So I’m affair it’s ms, and after seeing what looks like the google images of lesions I’m working myself up. I’m not sure what all needs to happen, but I do know the rules out a few things that could be causing my symptoms (such as diabetes) I just don’t know what else to think. I also had an episode about 3 years ago where my left arm was numb and my doctor said it was probably a pinched nerve and would go away on its own. I also passed out once during that time span and didn’t link those two being related until now. My arm eventually was okay, but I have risidule numbness since that happened and I’m worried the doctors won’t find anything and I’m slowing going to lose function over time. Any advice is appriciated. Thank you.

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1 year ago

Sorry for all the auto correct error with my spelling. This is my first time using the site

1 year ago

Hi there, poor you. Is it a neurologist you are seeing, or a GP? I have an MS diagnosis but my feeling is that an MRI can only really be analysed by a specialist or neurologist. To be fair most people walking by on the street would have something or other show up on an MRI. The image would need to be reviewed in line with other indicators, such as a blood test, scans, full history, lumbar puncture, any number of things. I know it’s really, really hard but try not to jump ahead of yourself until all the facts are clear. What ever the outcome, good luck, be strong and make the most of any support you can, including this site!

1 year ago

Hi @jediwizard and welcome.

I can understand why you’ve joined us, but this suggests to me that you’re trying to use the internet to self-diagnose. This is never a good idea as it will make you crazy.

Just go easy on yourself, even pamper yourself. Bury yourself in some chick-lit or watch a rom-com.

The Doctors will diagnose something and you’ll be offered treatment to manage it. Just be patient.

1 year ago

Make sure you get a MS Specialist. not just a Nero

1 year ago

Yes don’t use internet for self diagnosis, ms neurologist study for 12 years and still are unsure sometimes . You will go crazy if you keep thinking about it.

1 year ago

Thanks everyone. Yes I’m seeing the neurologist now and my pcp ordered the original MRI of my spine and my neuro ordered the MRI of my brain. I got the results last night for my spine from my pcp and it said they say lesions on my spine and we’re sending it to my neuro for further evaluation. I have not seen an ms specialist because although I’m leaning towards that’s what is wrong My insurance will not cover a specialist until I have a diagnosis or referral. So I’m still waiting on the brain results but as far as I know they said they saw lesions on the spine. I do know that that can be caused from many things, not just ms, so I’m staying as positive as possible.

1 year ago

Sending love your way, fingers crossed for you that this is nothing to be concerned about xx

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