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Good times

Hi all.

Just wanted to share that i have been relapse free since last year June. I am counting down the days. I am on daily Copaxone and i have an appointment with my Neuro on June 7th. I’m not worried at all. I’ve been having a good year regarding my MS. I must also say that their have been times that i though this will definitely put my back into a relapse and nothing so far. I really feel blessed, and then there’s that little devil bugger on my shoulder saying “don’t fool yourself, it cant always go good”.

Irregardless i do feel that i wanted to share this, to have some good news out there in MSland.. please don’t see this as antagonistic. My last relapse was BAAAAD! they wanted to put me on the second line medication and luckily I’m stable at the moment. Praying for it to stay like this.

Good luck to all my fellow MSers. Battle goes on daily but still we find a way

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1 year ago

Amen to you @antonettefick. And long may it continue for you…..& flick that so & so of your shoulder….’He’s the wrong colour anyway’….Keep on keeping on….Red

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1 year ago

Thanks all.

Out of curiosity.. Do you guys eat red meat or have discovered that it made you feel worse? i did not really change my lifestyle as i was quite healthy before MS hit, but slowly i have realized that i’ve been cutting out red meat just because it doesn’t taste ‘right’ anymore. I mostly keep on white meat and have zero issues with it. Just curious though…

1 year ago

That’s fantastic!

1 year ago

Well, thats a question, does bacon or sausages count??? @atonetteflickll , if not then, have to admit haven’t had red meat for two or so years now….white only now….if I was offered it or whatever, wether I would….who knows…..probably not

1 year ago

Interesting your comment ‘it doesn’t taste right any more’ @antonettefick. We had lamb the other day and I found the same. It smelt too ‘meaty’ somehow. We are also white meat eaters , or fish or sources of vegetable protein….loads of veg and fruit though. And oats. I’m a great believer in oats. Cooked or not. Anyway, it’s good to read something positive 😊 May your relapse stay away!!!!xx

1 year ago

Great news antonettefick ☺

1 year ago

@merfield the smell is the worst… Tha’s the thing putting me off the red meat… Sausage and hamburger meat is fine though… Probably because its cooked through (in my case).

But it feels like i get more picky as time progresses. But im not complaining haha…

@red-suzuki BACON is my downfall… luckily its pork, so i’m safe there..

Hope all of you have a great day, free of shitty MS issues…


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