5 years ago
Going cuckoo!

It would seem that my mental state of the last week or so has been a precursor to a bit of a relapse. I’m back on a walking stick for the first time in ages as my legs have gone all spastic with a bit of foot drop and my feet are super tingly and painful. Arms are playing up too, definitely more clumsy than normal. Even typing is a chore as I keep keying the wrong letters.
Damn, I was hoping to have a girlfriend before this happened again, so I’d have a slave to use, lol. This is going to be difficult on my own.
I vaguely remember this happening before, where I get a depressive state befroe going downhill. I’ve had headaches as well in the last week. If my memory hadn’t been fried, I might have realised it was coming on.

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Play the sympathy card, friend. Why can’t you get a girlfriend now? We all know you like those little nurse outfits. Use that wit and humor/humour we all know and appreciate and love.

Be the fighter you are. Don’t give up.

Aye, I’ll have to stagger into a pub for a change, lol.

Good advice, @heatherl !:)

Yeah, a new meaning of the term ‘pub crawl’, huh?

(hey, @pottypete, I hear MS support groups are good places to meet women 🙂

@lightningduck Well you’d better get the dating thread going then, haha. I’ll join you on the list.

@heather I’m actually quite shy with the ladies, until first introduced that is. lol.

A slave huh? This is the wrong website for that. There ARE those that specialise but the ordinary women in the street responds to charm and silken words, pp!


@reddivine Pete only knows charm and silken words and teasing! So much of the teasing. 🙂

@reddivine I am actually a true gentleman with the ladies, as many of my friends would attest. My humour, is my shield against this scourge of a condition.


Pretty sure she was teasing you, Pete.

@heather My cognitive skills are a little scrambled at the mo, so expect me to be a little random. I’m in the laughter and tears mode at the moment, too. Thanks for the heads up. xxxxxxxxxx

I used to be in MENSA a long time ago, now I think I’m a candidate for DENSA.

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