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Going abroad with Tecfidera

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well.
Just looking for a bit of advice as I am due to be starting treatment (tecfidera) within the next couple of weeks once the funding has been sorted, I am also going on holiday to a Greek island in May so was wondering if anyone has any advice on taking medication on holiday and across borders through customs etc. Thanks for reading, hope you’re all having a great weekend 🙂

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10 months ago

I can’t comment on the traveling with the meds in Europe. But I do suggest getting a pill box. And set an alarm to remind yourself. If you’re anything like me, my memory is horrible. I can’t remember if I did or didn’t take the bugger. Is that a proper use of the word bugger?

10 months ago

Hi there @cosmo89. I drove from London to Southern Spain last year with Tecfidera and it was easy as anything. Some tips:

Timing is everything. In the Mediterranean climate you tend to get up later so always ensure you maintain a safe distance between doses as you can’t take too close together. You need to plan ahead as to what food you will be eating to ensure it is the right balance to facilitate digestion and absorption. So for example, fruit for breakfast probably won’t cut it.

At home I store Tec in a cupboard. However, in 40 degree heat you don’t want a situation where the tablet has started to melt before you take it, so make sure you store in a cool place (I don’t think you’re supposed to refrigerate but need to check that one). As far as border controls, no problems at all pre-Brexit (don’t get me started…..!) however, I would suggest you keep some medical letters handy which clearly state your diagnosis and medication etc. Do some ground work in advance to search for where nearest hospitals are, just in case ( as with any traveller, not just us with MS). You could always look up how to say technical words in Greek like Multiple Schlerosis in case you need to visit a chemist or something.

Sorry to overload, it’s just that I was so nervous when I travelled last year but it was a breeze. Have fun, stay strong and well and most of all, enjoy the holiday x

10 months ago

I’ve been travelling with several months of Tecfidera and no one was even interested enough to look at them. I took a letter with me from my neurologist in case airport security were curious about the dozens of pills I was carrying.

Also, I’d make sure you keep them in your hand luggage rather than a checked bag. It’s one thing if the airline loses your bag with all of your clothes but quite another if your Tecfidera goes missing!

10 months ago

There is a great app called medisafe and you enter into it what drugs you need to take and when (also gives the option to put in a colour and size so you can see it by look rather than name) and it alerts you when it’s time to take it. It will keep reminding you until you take it. It has been a life saver for me and being on holiday can make you more forgetful as you are out of routine. Have a great time away!

10 months ago

I went to Mexico on Tecfidera last year. Just to be safe I got a letter signed from my doctor to confirm what I was taking. It’s helpful to get a copy of your prescription but mine were delivered straight to my door so I never actually got sight of my prescription and neither did my GP. I was also advised to keep the tablets in their original packaging (i.e. with my name and d.o.b. on the sticker on the box). So I just put the GP letter in the box and that was fine. They looked at/in the box at the airport going out of the UK but no questions asked.

10 months ago

Hey everyone, thanks for all your replies, it really helps and I really appreciate it. I have now downloaded the medisafe app, have a pill box on order and have requested my neurologist to send me a letter to explain if anyone should ask what my diagnosis is and what my medication is for 🙂

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