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1 year ago

Wow, @bratt, that’s one helluva opening question. So, welcome to the forum…..

Who has the MS you have? Well, we all do.

It’s the same condition, but it involves damage to our Central Nervous System (CNS), which can be in various locations, which in turn causes various symptoms.

So, all different, yet all the same. it’s the nature of the beast. 😉

1 year ago

No, I’m Spartacus

1 year ago

🤣 i had to google Spartacus! Had no idea what it was!!

1 year ago

Optic neuritis…

1 year ago

When I was a child like 25 years ago I’ve had visual static or ehat they call visual snow I still do have in but in 2005 I had ptic neuritis and there was my daignosed Ny parents told me after 5 years they were afraid i panic and when i did know in 2010 i got my second sumptom because i panicked indeed 😂 but im fine still not disabled.

You can share your experience with MS with us.

1 year ago

Went blind… It wasn’t ON as it was in both eyes. So apparently further back on the optic nerve where it joins in the brain.
That was the symptom which led to diagnosis.
Before that I had foot drop and bells palsy but went un-diagnosed and just put down to over exercising and bad luck.

1 year ago

Numb hands and MS hug were my first symptoms but I couldn’t get a doctor to listen to me. Denice

1 year ago

Stiff legs and balance.

1 year ago

Pins and needles on my right side and in my left foot took me going to 6 doctors before someone believed me if only I could see the doctor who believed me again I would tell her that she is my angel.

12 months ago

Terminator eye

12 months ago

Ps iv got sclerosarse’s ™ too plenty of em

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