daniel2025 30/04/17
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General election

Maybe a personal question but have you decided how your voting in June and what reasons why you picked that party.

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1 year ago

I always employ my strategy of voting for the one that I dislike the least! 😉

1 year ago

I have always been a labour voter but this time I am not so sure I feel that the labour leader can’t be trusted to get the economy, brexit which I did vote yes for and the key thing that effects all of us healthcare I get the impression things would be worse under this labour leader and don’t believe they have any credible plans.

1 year ago

only ever voted once at general election since I turned 18. That was in the last one and it did not go my way. I’m definitely going to vote this time and Pip can kiss me disabalist arse along with the rest of the massive bell ends in that black door to the gates of hell in the firey pit down yonder. We need to revolt people if Yorkshire it’s time we had a fecking referendum and went it alone 😂

1 year ago

Labour is better than them blue Numptys and if we voted UKIP would it not be a joint effort? I’m a daddy of three who’s disabled and working for fuck all but to pay the bills there all shites but labour is the best of a bunch of naughty c words in my opinion

1 year ago

Any Labour Government is better than a Tory one, unless you happen to be a Hedge Fund manager. Mind you, I am an old leftie and beyond help.
Fortunately, we don’t have a Presidential system, so just vote for the policies you think are best.

1 year ago

I’m not a hedge fund manager or wealthy. I’m just voting for the policies & leader I think are best.

1 year ago

As a Scottish girl and with 6 children, 3 who can vote ( under 20) . I work as a midwife and pay my taxes, for me we all of us in my family voted snp which was a change from Labour! … time will tell but my goodness my young family have such opinions, I was never that way in my teens , still only in my forties! Should be yet again an interesting time…….

1 year ago

Anything but Tory! The NHS is being privatised through the back door and will continue with the Tories in power – I will vote either Lib Dem or Labour in my area anything to keep the Tories out!! Protect our NHS!!

1 year ago

Labour here, only because if you are in the middle working group they stand for us , Tory is for rich people 😉 private health insurance, no benefits, no help.

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