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Functional Medicine Practitioner


Has anyone worked with one of these?
Any good results to help our health?

FM is about getting to the root cause of disease . We are all unique and how our genes are expressed are different in Each person .
My thinking is If you find the right one then they have far more time than a neurologist has.



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1 year ago

@rachaellouise , there’s a lot of people in this world, who are only too happy to relieve you of your money.

Just be careful how you spend it…………… 😉

1 year ago

Hi Rachel, I am very interested in this type of medicine and it is the root I will take with my son. I believe most Drs treat the smoke and not the fire. Diet is important in my eyes there is a lot of information out there. I started to look at this about 10 years ago and realised inflammation was the enemy in a lot of diseases, not them all. I do realise Drs can help with lots of conditions but people prefer pills than looking after themselves. I have only been on my mission with ms for about 2 week which is not a lot, but my background on headaches has given me a head start. I looked into anti-inflammatory diets and vitamins minerals years ago. I am also a big believer in probiotics. I have put a link below which has some information.
There are a lot of different beliefs on what causes ms. I don’t see any harm looking at them all but I’m sure everyone would agree eating well is good for you! I hope!

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1 year ago

I also agree with @stumbler and it’s also not in the interest of big pharma companies to make people better just give them there tablets to keep the profits rolling in. Just getting the balance right! I am always wary of people trying to sell me something! Even Tesco..LOL

1 year ago

In my case the inflimation has always been there since childhood slightly.
There is no chance i fully believe any theory about ms cause even if all dr around the world believe 99% its immunity disorder there is still 1%
And i’d be going thro another mission why the immune system is wicked its a puzzle really. If i ever found out tge cause thats great if not no problem my MS remits for years so i can’t be bothered wondering why and lose loads of money each pravtitioner might say a different reason why so i better not go thro that road..


1 year ago

Scientist have been looking for at least 80 years for the root of the problem. They just found a genetic proof a few years ago that there is a genetic link. Families with MS and other auto-immune diseases have known that for decades. They now think that something like a illness activated the MS in you, have no idea how to turn it off, just slow it down. I think mine was activated by a illness I had when I was 14, I was in and out of hospitals for a year running fevers of 105 for a week at a time. Doctors even ran a brain wave test on me when I was better, thinking I had to have brain damage. I can’t do anything about the past but I can try to slow down this disease as much as possible. I take a DMT, eat anti-inflammatory foods and any supplements I think might help. I do a lot of research, I was just reading about iron building up in your body especially in area around the brain stem could be a instigator. If you delve into this research yourself it would empower you in your fight with MS. Potter

1 year ago

Thanks all for your posts .
@bensdad – I am also a believer in this type of medicine and it’s becoming clear most diseases are caused by inflammation

@potter I think my ms was triggered by severe infection and it’s been turned on in my genes and I have no clue how to turn the little blighter off lol working on it lol😊💪

@stumbler – lol yes very true we have to be very careful but we need to keep trying and I’m sure their are good ones out their . How do we find them ? I will keep trying and I don’t want to lose my money but I’m sure I will to get to the good one! Recommendations would be great but not found any yet.

@nutshell – you really crack me up😊
Nothing will put me off trying .

Yes I have crap days and feel like giving up but I cannot function how I would like to so I will try until something helps me kick its ass! 😊❤️



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