4 years ago

Hi All,
I want to know who on here feels that they live a full life?
And what does your life entail?

A full life to me would mean i could work out, and walk my dog and work and be a mother and a wife. it is possible right???

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This is an interesting question and I wonder what kind of answer you’re looking for.
Nothing in life is ever black or white. Would a fit and healthy person be able to answer this question any better? I’m not sure.
So, I can’t give a black or white answer. The answer must be somewhere in those shades of grey (No, not that book! 😯 ).

Hi @mrshawk
Without wanting to sound smug, I would say I have a full life. But like @stumbler I agree that the definition of a full life very much depends on the person. I have a wonderful husband, great kids, a job I enjoy, friends and family around me and I live in a beautiful part of the world. For me that is enough (with or without MS) but for others it might not be. Some people will always feel they need to strive for more regardless of how many blessings they have. To me a full life is more about being content whatever your situation may be and that can be more difficult to attain.
Yes I have MS and that can add a challenging element to anything but it won’t stop me living life to the fullest I can manage today.

Thanks All. I guess i just want to know that the picture i have in my head of myself in 20 years has a chance of coming true.

@mrshawk, you’re going to have to wait twenty years to find out, we’re not going to tell you! 😉

patience has never been my strong point. lol

@mrshawk “A full life to me would mean i could work out, and walk my dog and work and be a mother and a wife. it is possible right??? ”

Well, working out, walking the dog and working, fine. Though I think me being a mother and a wife, would be pushing it a bit.


Ha Ha Ha, @mrshawk. Now, when did patience and the fairer sex ever go together? 😆

I think I have a full life – but it’s full in ways I would not have anticipated! My travel is different – I’ve had to abandon walking holidays, but now do cruises. I can’t do tennis lessons any more, but I’ve taken up pilates. I’m in the house more, so I’ve made it a super-nice place. Yes, life is pretty good!

@mrshawk to be honest… as @stumbler said… it’s a difficult question. I think the one thing that is going to be needed throughout life is adaptability and the ability to respond to changes…. some of those changes may be whole life changes… some of them will be slight shifts in thinking. For me, MS is like those horrible kids at school that kicked away your “jumpers for goal posts” and constantly shifted the playing field (that tells you a lot about my childhood eh?!)… and I think if you can always adapt and shift your goals slightly as things change then you’ll be able to life your life in the way that’s right for you…

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