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Hi Everyone

Don’t you just sometimes wish you can get people to stop worrying about you. Especially when they think you are lying to them when you are not pain or tired etc. I get upset when they think am lying to them when am not. Apparently they see it on my face but i tell ‘am sore but not in pain please stop worrying’ then they watch me like a hawk. I don’t know if it because they know i have this disease and they just begin over protective. Just want them to believe and not to worry.
Wish I could make it easier for them to believe me when am not in pain and that yes am ill but give me a chance to breathe from my MS bubble

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2 months ago

@sarah_graham , it is difficult for others because, as you say, they’re not aware of how we’re feeling and what’s wrong with us.

It takes us around a year to accept the diagnosis and we have it 24/7. It must be even harder for those who don’t have it, but live with some who does……..

2 months ago

@sarah_graham, yep, know what you mean. It’s this very thing that stopped me telling people for nearly two years. I guess all we can do, is decide for ourselves the way we want to play it, and communicate the message firmly to those closest to us. The other side through, is to think about others who aren’t so fortunate, with no one around them so I guess I can see both sides and that I should appreciate people’s concern (even through it gets tiresome)……….

2 months ago


Yes, people being overly concerned does get tiresome. I often feel like screaming at them, “Deal with your own banal shit first and if I need your help I’ll ask for it, allow me to handle my own problems in my own way.”

1 month ago

@stumbler I will admit am very lucky that I have people that love. But I just want to be normal for one day. And at the moment I cant go anyway outside cause of the cold and wind. so am trap but am lucky again. I have friends and family that make me smile. however I do want them old days were I could everything and push myself. I haven’t learnt its going to take time and I just have to be patient

@vixen yay I came to the same answer as you. Some people may not have the same loving and support I have. I hope to God that no one is alone when they go through this.

@peterfrancis yes I have bitten my lips a few times.

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