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Might not be anything, might be the first signs of foot drop. If it is the first thing to do is try some ankle and leg strengthening exercises and see if that improves it.

If that doesn’t improve it there are orthotics you can either buy or get free from the NHS. ‘Foot Up’ is a good start.

In the longer term you could see if you qualify for FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) usually being referred by your MS nurse or physio…

1 year ago

In a similar boat. Reasons for a drop foot is somewhat tricky. I have similar symptoms of unable to control ankle after like 15 min into walking. I used to think it is the ankle losing strength … but now I release that it gets very stiff that moving it becomes hard for those muscles. So I guess its a combo of both – stiffness and weakness. I do some of the ankle exercises without issues but I can see it getting progressively stiff during the course. If I solve the stiffness problem, things can certainly improve. But dont know if it can get fixed in RRMS.

1 year ago

I found that stretches were really helpful for me I made a video about it today actually if you want to check it out its on my youtube channel

the video is week 20 🙂

1 year ago

I’ve been using an FES for footdrop for ten years and wouldn’t be without it. Mine is funded by the NHS but I think it might be variable around the country. As others have said you might be able to get away with ankle strengthening exercises or a splint to begin with. If it does get worse then rest assured that there are solutions out there!

1 year ago

I get foot-drop on my left ankle if I do too much.
Just been fitted with an AFO (Ankle-foot orthoses).
It’s unbelievable the comfyness and assistance it gives – well recommended.

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