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Fluoxetine -antidepressant in trial

Just met with my neurologist today. I discussed my mental health and he suggested I start a new form of anti-depressant called fluxetine (i think that’s how it is spelt). It’s an anti-depressant which is being trialled for MS. Im dubious about using it though as it’s still in the trial phase. Has anyone used it? Should I have concerns about using a trial drug which is not yet licensed?

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9 months ago

@lemtrada-uk , yes, you’re right, the drug, fluoxetine is being used in the MS-SMART trial, which is re-purposing drugs to see if they have any benefit in Secondary Progressive MS.

“Re-purposing” means using an existing drug to treat a new condition. So, this isn’t a new drug at all.

I hope this clarifies. 🙂

9 months ago

I’m assuming fluoxetine is being trialled against a placebo to determine its efficacy. So if I get the drug, how do I know im a actually getting fluoxetine as oppose to a placebo?

9 months ago

@lemtrada-uk . has your neuro suggested that you join the MS-SMART trial? I don’t think so, as you need to be diagnosed with SPMS to be included.

On this basis, he is suggesting that you are prescribed Fluoxetine, which is already a recognised anti-depressant. So, no risk of getting a placebo, you’ll get the real thing.

9 months ago

Fluoxetine is an established antidepressant, I think your neuro has confused you by mentioning the MS-SMART trial. I’ve just finished the trial after two years and there were three drugs or a placebo that I could have been on. The reason they’re trying these drugs for SPMS is because they’re already licensed so won’t have to go through years of checking.

As Stumbler says your neuro will be prescribing you the actual drug, no placebos.

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