5 years ago
First Tattoo….eeeek!

Hi All!
SO i have decided to get my first (and probably only) tattoo!! I always thought i was too scraed of needles to get one but copaxone has quickly gotten me over that 😉

I dont want it to be so much about MS but more about life…
i am thinking of getting the words “Keep in the sunlight” tattooed somewhere on my torso… not sure where yet!

I figure it inspires me to keep positive in all aspects of life!

Thoguhts? and do any of you have tattoos? if so of what and where?

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Rather you than me, Mrs H. I believe the body is already beautiful, so you can’t improve it by adding graffiti.
Just my opinion, although I respect yours.

Hi @mrshawk

I don’t want to be too suggestive, but I think if you’re going to have a “Keep in the Sunlight” tattoo it should be somewhere that wouldn’t normally see ANY sunlight 🙂

I have a few tattoos and intend to get lots more, though wasnt sure if i would be allowed. Only hurts in tender areas like near your nipples….

i was thinking it to be quite small… pretty font… somewhere that me and Mr.Hawk would know and maybe those who see me in a bikini lol… maybe a hip… or high up on my rib… not sure!! I feel like i would feel kind of bad ass kowing i have a tattoo that others cant see… kind of like wearing sexy underwear only you know about it and it gives you a bounce in your step lol because i definitley dont look like the tattoo type (if there is such a thing lol)

Don’t let my daughter hear this she has quite a few but you go for it brave lady . My daughter on my dx had one done of an owl sitting on a pile of books with ms ribbon . Like the idea of you and mr hawk having secret sexy tattoo ! All the best femke xx

@mrshawk As much as I love my sun, I am with @stumbler on this one. Human body = beautiful without tattoos!
But I’m sure it won’t be anything outrageous either, judging from what you’ve said. Sure it won’t affect your chakras? 😉

Go for it @mrshawk! I’ve got two tattoos- thistles and leaves on my foot, and hearts being sewn with a thread and needle on my shoulder. They’re always hidden unless I want to show them off. I never, ever thought I’d have a tattoo but I love them both and haven’t regretted them for a minute!

i have a tattoo! its some cherries!very cute!!!!! i love it and want another but think ill just stick to this one i have!

I’ve got a few, ok so I’ve got 8 or 9! My brother is a tattoo artist so he’s a bad influence. I’m learning how to tattoo at the moment and I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, one of my friends from an MS group I go to has asked me to draw him a tattoo, it would be interesting to see if any others have had any done that relate to their MS?
Happy Days,

I only have one tattoo. It’s a whole body tat of me, from head to toe. So it looks like I don’t have one. ;o)

I don’t know if this is true, but I heard that you can’t inject on sites of your body where there are tattoos (something about the skin being compromised). I’m not sure what kind of DMM you are on, but I thought you could look into it a little before you get one. Good luck
By the way I have 2 little ones, but it seems like I got those in another life!

i have 2 and im getting number 3 soon…. they hurt most when they are close to bone so keep that in mind. fleshy areas dont hurt as much. also after he;s done the tattoo artist might suggest you use anti septic cream or somthing like that as it ices. best thing to use is nappy rash cream! enjoy it – its a nice kinda pain!

Hi @mrshawk Bepanthen works a charm all my friends use it after getting tattoo’d, this isn’t meant to be a plug! It’s a type of nappy rash cream as @hugmachine has suggested.

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