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First (Second) relapse – Ah like that is

Ok Hi again, Last month was bladder issues, tested for urine infection and found all clear!
Your move MS nurse, I have been slow The team will now move to bladder scans but i want to chat to them first about:-
New development, double vision. my left eye is not passing dead ahead and reached a climax when i overstepped my comfort zone, i failed to recognize where i was many many times during the day on roads i have traveled many times And to top it all my legs turned into rag doll legs when i tried to trot (faster than walking bit i dont do running cos of my knee)
By the end of the working day i had a total melt down i gave notice to my boss, It was a decision i had made in advance and was dependent on the outcome of the day, i no more van runs and 4 weeks notice.
End of my day at home, an eye patch to stop the queezy feeling.
My legs have come back okish again but it just shows the day i had.
On a happy note my boss rang me to say NO your not finishing – shorter hours, closer to home, not so early in the morning and no van runs “Your part of the team , i’ll pay the same i dont care about the money, i just want to make it easier for you” heart warming innit!
Its been emotional, not just for me but the wife. She has to carry a lot but is with me, not money driven and had already said quit if you want so, yeah, its been a hell of a week and i am having a moment of what i hope, is clarity, if not the above will be a gibbering ramble.

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3 years ago

@druid , that’s a nice ending to your tale. It restores your faith in humanity.

Anyway, for bladder issues, the continence team are OK, but see if you can get referred to Urology to get checked out fully.

And, for the eyes, if you still have a problem, get a referral to Optometry.

As you say, the brain is clever and can rewire itself. The rewiring can be made easier with the correct assistance.

3 years ago

if you have MS, chances are higher than 70 – 80%, that you will have bladder issues, every symptom imaginable. The urologists can test you with nasty painful tests until the cows come home and will not find an answer. You already have the answer, MS. I had all of this for almost 25 years now. Symptoms correlate perfectly with the state of your MS. Take a DMD, neurontin for pain and misbehaving nerves, and baclofen to help the spastic bladder muscle to relax. Took me getting an MS DX and then educating myself to figure out what worked. Bladder problems really stink and I hate that anyone has to deal with it. But the drugs and/or class of drugs I mentioned should help a lot. My bladder used to feel like a hot torch was being thrust into it which effected my entire pelvic floor. Only people DX’d with cystitis would come close to understanding. I hope you get help. Best wishes!

3 years ago

I forgot to mention your vision. You will start to notice many symptoms get worse at the same time. That’s like a barometer to me that your MS is acting up. Optic neuritis like you describe is one of those early symptoms and is normally easily reversed with Solumedrol (steroid) drips for 3-5 days. Some people can actually lose their vision during these attacks. Get rid of the patch and get some steroids to get rid of the optic nerve inflammation causing your vision anomalies and also helps your leg and other symptoms as well. Best Wishes!

3 years ago


Oh wow the end of your post, your boss …. That made my eyes fill up, what an amazing person.

You’ve perfectly described the leg thing, rag doll leg … I will be using that

Stay strong. Xxx

3 years ago

I admire your spirit, your courage and your attitude. We can learn from that. xx

3 years ago

Bladder relaxes ok, just on two or three occasions its not letting me get to the loo in time (too relaxed). Eyes or rather my left is affected by tiredness and is a new thing for me! My balance is getting affected a bit these days, not bad but more sort of un-confident rather than wobbly. The heat will remain unanswered for a while, well till it warms up anyway.
So i will most likely get a new LP and more MRI scans, Happy days!

3 years ago

Have to stay strong if not why get up at all! It will not beat me, I have MS and its not going to win, might come second but its not winning!
Of course its easy to say this while i can walk and think and see, who knows what the future holds? Stay strong, stay happy and keep yourselves healthy!

My wife makes a big contribution no my mental health and is possibly the reason i am still a positive person! Hope your all that lucky.

3 years ago

Hi I am so glad your boss is supportive it does restore one’s faith in humanity . As for the double vision if as you say your eye movements are not together it’s called inter ocular ophthalmoplegia. It’s because there is inflammation on one of the nerve pathways to the eye muscle which move the eye. My daughter had this 6 weeks ago. She didn’t have steroids as the neurologists said it would settle and it has. You shouldn’t wear a patch.

3 years ago

Thanks! The patch was just to get through some TV time with the wife without going to bed. My eye had gone fully to the right by days end but now its back to just not going left, medical chat on Monday should get the ball rolling.
Glad your daughter is better.

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