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First PIP reassessment

I was awarded standard living PIP after my initial assessment which i never appealed. Who is best to help me fill out my reassessment this i was given no help first time around. TIA

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1 year ago

@ophelia , you could try the MS Society. They have a branch near you (I think), .

Or your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

There’s also a lot of useful information on the Benefits and Work website, .

1 year ago

Did you not get the mobility component at all?

You should always appeal if you believe your entitled to more money. I appealed mine and was successful at tribunal. My wife filled in all my forms and my paperwork for tribunal. Never ever do it yourself. I was in a room at cab for 1 hour while she got assistance.

Its more the assessment providers that’s at issue. They lied on my report missed off a load of information. Cherry picked information she wanted to put and wrote a pack of lies for the rest of it. Even the judge at tribunal said I should make a complaint she could clearly see me and my wife where telling the truth. On top of that I took my medical records in I requested a letter from the gp a letter from the ms nurse a letter from the neurologist a letter from the occupational therapist and a letter from my landlord saying there looking for a bungalow for me because my mobility problems have made living in my upstairs flat difficult. A rep of the social landlord seen me fall down the communal staircase with her own eyes I’m Lucky I only had a massive bruise. They moved me into the bungalow within two and a half weeks which was fast.

The point to all this is the assessors get money for every person they get off pip/DLA. The assessor had tgst much front when I entered the room she came out with good afternoon I hope your going to give me some bonus money today.

The point of telling you this is if they send you for a assessment which I have heard of people been sent for one even if its a reclaim you ENTITLED to a copy of the report from the DWP once they receive it from the assessor. You have to phone up and request it though.

Request the report if your sent for a assessment because the assessors reports are frequently incorrect. If you get the report and everything is correct no harm done but if its incorrect at least you know what it say and construct your appeal after the mandatory reconsideration.

If you feel your entitled to more and there is errors on the report don’t be afraid to appeal and take it all the way to tribunal. At the end of the day it costs nothing to do it and if you have evidence to provide them that the report is wrong you would stand as good a chance as anyone.

All a moot point if the report is correct but always request a copy of a report because if its wrong appeal.

1 year ago

@ophelia you’ll av te give me some tips lass when you thee gets sorted I had to cancel me claim as ran out of time.

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